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  I have recently had mycoplasma problems discussed in the context of an attack of "the sweats," loose bowels, and near fainting conditions, and in general, gastro-intestinal distress.
  In the archives the only references to mycoplasma relate to lung or common cold types of conditions.
  Is mycoplasma related to a broader area of malaise?  Can mycoplasma be destabilized ("stirred up") by improper nutrition?
  Thanks for your concern
Dear Edward,
Thank you for your questions regarding infection with Mycoplasma pneumonia.  This infection is transmitted by droplets or secretions.  I was unable to find reports of chronic infection which could be destabilized or of improper nutrition contributing to the development of infection.  Fever and cough are always symptoms of mycoplasma infection.  Chills, malaise, sore throat, runny nose are reported by about 50% of patients.  Gastrointestinal distress is not reported among the symptoms of mycoplasma infecttion.  Mycoplasma infection is of limited duration and often resolves in the absence of treatment, although antibiotic administration will shorten the symptomatic period.
If you are having gastrointestinal symptoms of " loose bowels" and other gastrointestinal distress other infectious etiologies as well as noninfectious causes must be considered.  In particular if you are suffering from loss of appetite or weight loss ( possible interpretations of your question regarding improper nutrition) you should see your physician.
This information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be considered a formal medical evaluation.  Please see your personal physician for the answers to specific questions.
If you would like to be seen by gastroenterologists of the Henry Ford Health System, please call our Physician Appointment Line at (800) 653- 6568 and request evaluation with Dr. Fogel, one of our experts in the treatment of gastrointestinal disease.  It will be our pleasure to meet you personally and to help you with your symptoms.
Best of luck.
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