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nausea, gas, pains/cramping

  I have had bouts of nausea, on and off for about 1 year. In addition, I have had pains in my stomach, mostly upper area,
  for the same amount of time. I also get intermittent bouts of diarrhea along with low abdominal cramping. Last night, after
  a bowel movement, I noticed what looked liked blood in my stool.
  This past week, my stool seemed darker than usual. My daughter,
  was diagnosed 2 years ago (she's now 6), with pancolitis. The doctor said many times this is heriditary. I've never bothered to
  have a workup done because I am too busy and am concerned about
  what the outcome may be. Please give advice.
Dear Shash,
Your symptoms do not sound worrisome except for the blood with a bowel movement.  The important fgeature is whether the blood is on the surface of the stool or mixed with the stool.  Although it is unlikely that you have colitis, this condition could be one explanation for your symptoms.  I think that you should see your doctor in order to have a flexible sigmoidoscopy.  Further workup can be decided upon during discussions with the physuician.
This information i spresented for educationalpurposes only.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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