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nausea loss of appetite

I would be grateful for your advice, opinion and details of the tests if any i should be requesting from my Doctor for my symptoms below

I am 28yr old male with no prev medical conditions, and of average health

6wks ago I had a fever diarrhea & low left abdom was swollen but no pain, this lasted on & off for 3 days being worse at nights - for the most of December my stools have been loose,light yellow coloured, easy to pass & lots at a time

My bowels in the upper left region had been making unusually loud noises - gushing sounds and liquid noises and generally feeling rigid and swollen lower down, but with no pain - at night the noise would be worse and continue for about an hour

I have had re curring low grade fevers , night sweats, dizziness, loose bowel movements through Dec and passing of gas noises sound very different almost blocked.

In early Jan for 1 day I had a twitching & burning sensation both in my middle back left and front right - I was prescribed Anti B's and anti spasmodics by the Doctor for this / prev symptoms

I started feeling nausea at the end of Dec but have never vomited and have now recently lost my appetite and have been forcing myself to eat quite a few times. Since my symptoms started I have lost about 8 lbs . When I do eat it seems as though my digestion is struggling to process and absorb it properly and I can link eating to the night sweats and general feeling of being unwell afterwards

I passed a dark greasy stool in early Jan, and I returned to a different doctor who took me off the anti b's. my bowels no longer make the previous gushing noise and now are still very active with more crackling & gas sounds than liquid sounds
I also notice that the skin of the fruit I eat is passed though un-digested and comes out in a small ball shaped floating stool
My previous indigestion which was quite frequent has also stopped.

I am waiting for blood and stool sample results next week

Today I woke with the urgent need to pass a stool and also with cold shakes/shivers, as usual (for the last 6 wks) the stool wasn't solid and was yellowish

Once I am up and awake I feel at my best, but still no appetite, nausea and run down/tired - in contrast at night I feel weak and poisoned, my tongue is white and my eye whites dark

I have not had any acute servere pains or vomiting or blood in my stools in the 6wks, but I can clearly feel the mechanics of the digestive system are not working correctly - i have not travelled abroad for 3yrs so i cant relate it to travel

The embarrasing point of this note for me , which may have part to do with my symptoms , although the doctors I have seen say it doesn't - is that 2wks prior to my first symptoms during a sexual act I inserted a metal probe I don't know if this disturbance gave me an infection & caused my symptoms to start.

I hope you can offer some advice of what tests I should be looking to have and thank you for your time


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There can be many possibilities.  With the nausea, various causes of upper GI diseases can be considered an evaluated with an upper GI series and/or upper endoscopy.

The liver and gallbladder can be evaluated with an ultrasound - since any diseases involving these organs can lead to some of the symptoms.

The change in bowel habits as well as fever can be indicative of an infection.  I would obtain some stool cultures to rule out any source of infection.

If everything is negative, then more specialized testing can be considered - including a colonoscopy or tests looking for malabsorption (i.e. fecal fat tests or tests for celiac disease).

You may want to be evaluated by a GI specialist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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steve I would think the metal probe could of caused an infection. or you may of ripped the lining of your colon. did you disinfect the metal probe before using it. becazican
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