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neck back pain and GERD

I have been diagonized as Gerd. I'm taking the medication Protonix now.
I feel better after taking the medicine.
But I often feel neck sore (like it's tired for it to support head)and light headed. Lower head back sore too.
So I often use my hand to rub my neck or hold my neck.

I don't think it's from medication. I remember before the medication I have this symtom too.

My best time is in the morning.I feel more sore of neck if my stomach have more to digest.
I wonder if it is related with Gerd.

By the way I 've already have all test for heart. It's all normal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello,  The shortness of breath caught my attention in your message.  I have a disease called Graves Disease that causes an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) which in turn causes many other symptoms.  Then the treatment, which is basically to erradicate the thyroid, causes more symptoms (hypothyroidism).

Since I have been searching for information about my own abdominal pain and digestive problems, I have noticed a lot of other people complaining of digestive problems are also mentioning symptoms that relate to the thyroid.  This causes me to wonder if there is a link that maybe the digestive problems I have had for years caused my Graves Disease.  But what caused the digestive problems?

I have read a little on overgrowth of Candida in our digestive tract and the symptoms are amazingly the same as a lot of hypothyroid/hyperthyroid symptoms.  Here's a website that talks about that and has a list of symptoms:


Another person on this forum gave me a link to another possibility that I intend on checking out too.  It has to do with fungus in our system.  (I am not sure if Candida is considered a fungus; just beginning my research).  Here is the website they gave me:


If you or anyone else finds out something interesting, let us know!  :)

Good luck.
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ok, just found Candida is a fungus.
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I agree with the other post Candida sounds like your problem

here is an article that could explain your symptom. Citing toxins in the head unable to drain away due to infection blocked lymphatic ducts!

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I have a haital hernia fffthe size of a soft ball, I have had it for about 10 years.  I need to have that surgery but am kinda afraid of it.  I was told that they don't have to crack your chest anymore to do it, but do by a scope.  I throw up a lot, can hardly breathe most of the time and don't know why, unless its is the hernia.  anybody else have these symptoms or know about the surgery?
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So what tests should I take and does massage help?


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small hiat hernia here too. Im always light headed and have pvc's.My heart checked out perfect. I too have trouble breathing all the time. Is this hiat hernia sympt? Doc says its so small it shouldn't even bother me.
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Hmm. I have small hernia and I have chronic reflux. I was told to take medication and forget about it.
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