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need answers for dying mom

My mom has small cell lung cancer.  She had much stomach pain and I thought it was the lung cancer spreading.  A visiting nurse came to the home and said it was something else.  We rushed her to the hospital.  They said she had pancreatitus.  They ran some tests and her enzyme levels were high.  They then said she had pancreatic cancer.  They based it on the fact that: A.  She was not a diabetic, B.  She did not drink alcohol, C.  She had her gallbladder out 2 years ago, therefore it must be D.  Pancreatic Cancer.  They did not find any tumors with a CAT scan.

My mom
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Dear Diane,
I was saddened to read your posting regarding your mother's illness.  Pancreatitis can occur in patients who do not drink alcohol and who have had the gall bladder removed.  Possible causes for the pancreatitis include medications and the result of other ilness.  Often, however, we do not identify the cause for the pain.

Usually, the pancreatitis is limited in duration and does not cause indefinite symptoms.  From your posting, I am uncertain how the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was made.  Although patients can have 2 different cancers this result is not common.  You should ask your mom's doctor to explain whether the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is confirmed or merely presumptive.

AS mentioned , the pain of pancreatitis usually subsides.  Narcotics like Duragesic are used when the pain persists.
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I was a pancreatitis sufferer.   NO you do not need to be diabetic, etc. to have pancreatitis.   I was born without the main common duct and did not have problems until my early 40's.  Please take a few minutes to read my story - I think you will find it helpful with your mom's case.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You will need to type in the web address to access my story.  I ended up having my pancreas removed to get rid of the pain and stop malnutrition.  It's been over 2 years now and I am not a diabetic nor do I have chronic pain anymore.


email:  ***@****

God Bless your mom - I know the severe pain she is living with.

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Hello Diane:

If you'd like to e-mail me directly, there is an excellent herbal product which will allow you to get some badly needed nutrients into your Mom.

Pls. let me know if I can help.

Best wishes,

Wendell    < ***@**** >
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Dont let your moms doctor push you off. My mom died of cancer about six years ago.I know how you feel. I had to keep calling her DR. and he kept telling me she was just having side effects from the chemo. but she was really dehydrated.I brought her to the E.R.and they admitted her .She had no appetite ,her stomach was bloated and she had no energy. I switched her D.R. that day.Hang in there. God Bless.
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I am very sorry for your terrible trouble.
I urge you strongly to purchase from your local health store a product named ESSIAC. This product has been curing cancers, even in the late stages since the 1920's. It is prepared in the form of a tea and is easy to prepare and take.Please, please, check this substance out by punching in the words ESSIAC or RENE CAISSE CANCER CURE into your internet search engine. Read everything you can and then BUY SOME! It will at the very least ease some of your mothers symptoms and/or pain. Also check into OXYGEN THERAPIES. The time has come to forget traditional Western medicine - it has certainly forgotten your poor mother.
My life was saved by a wonderful Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. David Bo Jhong, in Vancouver, Canada. Acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs and other therapies can indeed save lives, even in cases of cancer, and will at least alleviate suffering. Forget your so called "doctors" - you need alternative health care very quickly:
1. Purchase Essiac - begin TODAY
2. Find a good natural health practioner - I suggest a Doctor of Chinese Medicine who will do home visits. Begin acupuncture etc.
3. Get out your Yellow Pages and call health stores for advice. They may have good advice and some will certainly be able to recommend suitable local practioners.
4. Purchase or pick up free (often) copies of alternative health magazines for information, advice and local contacts.
5. Consider some form of Spiritual Healing as back up.
6. Search the internet for info.
7. Pray, because it really helps.
You could probably arrange most of this in one day. I wish you fortune and God Bless you and your mother.
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