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nissan fundoplication

I got a stapholococcus,enterococcus faecalis infection and pneumonia after my fundoplication. Now I have mucuos in my stool and sometimes explosive bowel movements.Is it possible that I could still have a mutant bacteria in my intestines. I had a sigmoid done a year ago. Nothing except four polyps and they were removed. I also lost my spleen during the nissan. I was one very sick person. Also I have had nine hernias in one and one half years since the nissan. My faith is growing thin and I've been battling depression, because now I am so deformed in the abdomen from the surgeries. Can't eat without hurting-GI says it's my nerves and I hate that term. I feel like they are not telling me everything, because someone forgot to wash their hands and passed the enterococcus onto me. It literally ate through my gastro tract and poured into my stomach cavity. Thank-God the nissan worked fine-I am acid free and can sleep laying down. My tissue is weak (the surgeon tolds us this) and I've had surgery seven times to repair incisional hernias. I am meshed every where. It's been three months since my last surgery and I am still in pain after eating. If I don't eat, I don't hurt. Please help--My surgeon would gladly listen to any advice--He's is stumped also. The bloating is visable to him and he feels the hole, but did CT and ultrasound and can't see another hernia. Pat
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