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pain in anus after hard stool

  : Sometimes after a hard stool, I get a pain in my anus that lasts up to several hours, sometimes until the next morning.  Sometimes I can't even sit on it because of the pain.  I do have hemorrhoids, but wasn't sure if they could be doing this.  I'm 30/m and had a colonoscopy in Feb 1998 showing everything was ok except for the hemorrhoids.  Should I be concerned that it may be something worse, like anal cancer.  Additionally, is it ok to take the following fiber supplements daily or is it too much.  I've been doing it now for about 6 weeks and it has helped my IBS significantly  - 4 FiberCon, 2 tablespoons Metamucil and 2 stool softeners (docusate sodium).  Thanks.
  Dear Mark F.,
  Your symptoms are probably consistent with an anal fissure or hemorrhoid. However, it is difficult to diagnose these conditions with certainty without visual inspection of the area. You may want to see a colorectal surgeon to be absolutely sure that nothing else is going on in the anal area. The fact that you had a recent normal colonoscopy is reassuring. The fiber supplements that you are taking are fine. Another easy way to meet your daily fiber requirement is to eat FIBER ONE cereal (2 oz.) daily. I hope you find this information helpful.
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