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pain in left shoulder blade

I have been diagnosed with having a hiatal hernia and GERD. I have been getting pains in my left shoulder blade and under my left breast.. almost feels like it is going right through. sometimes the pain is worse than other times.  i have had cardio workups and everything there is fine.... i went for an ultrasound of the gallbladder and that is ok... Just wondering if anybody out there has or had anything like this and what it is or might be... could it be from the gerd or hiatal hernia????  please let me know. thanks in advance!
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I have the same pain under my shoulderblade and thru to my chest.  I have been told it is the Vega nerve causing this.  I get short of breath, nausea, weak, etc.  It also causes something called translation on my EKG, which apparently looks bad but isn't.

The only time it gets better is if I increase the Prilosec to two per day.

I have had the hiatal hernia repaired, but it was recommended and done too late and now I have Barrot's (I am not sure of the spelling.) Disease.  This can be precancerous. Cells from stomach move into the esophagus.

There doesn't seem to be anything to really worry about, just to deal with the discomfort, which can sometimes become limiting to activities I want to do.

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I also have similar  pain from Acid Refulx. The pain goes through to my back and at times into my upper left arm. When the pain is in my arm it may last an entire day or two and it feels like my arm is bruised. I also have pinching pains in my chest and almost always constant pain in my upper back. Very little regurgitation..but somedays are really bad. Nothing over the counter works! I have tried Protonix (2x daily), Aciphex, and Prilocec...with no or very little relief. I have also done ALL THE OTHER things to CURB relux and still no relief....I have had this for 2 years and pray for it to go away all the time. Heck they even removed my gallbladder thinking that was the problem. I have been scoped and all looked good. I tried to have the 24 hr. PH monitering but couldn't stop gagging on it.

Any recommendations for better medication would be helpful:
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I myself started to experience this pain in my left shoulder, chest, left arm, neck, back etc.  I am 27 years old and was terrified last Tuesday that it was a heart attack...I went to the ER and the EKG was normal, my blood pressure was normal and heart rate was normal.  I couldn't accept that.  I went back to the Dr. a few days later and he assured me that it was probably gas or something like that associated from having my Gallbladder removed in July.  So I accepted that.  Then it wasn't going away, (in fact now it's painfull as well) I went to my primary care physician yesterday and she said the same thing, gas or me tensing up those muscles from being so nervous about it.  I can assume this is some sort of heartburn or reflux, but I am missing the acidic taste (I've had reflux before).  Has anyone else experienced this?
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Yes, I have the same thing,,, and went for a EGD last week and way diagnosised with, "CHRONIC ESOPHAGITIS" YEP REFLUX.
So far this is not much I can do with all the pain, thank goodness it doesn't keep me up at night. During the day at my office my left shoulder blade kills me,,, chest pains off and on as well. I try so hard to do mind over matter and forget about the pain. Yes easier said than done. But I am in the first stages learning all I can about. Exspeically bleching,, I belch all day long 150 times a day......... IT STINKS!!!
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