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pain in upper right and left quadrent after eating

hello i was wondering what could my problem be.  whenever i eat tothe point that i am actually full i develope a cramping sinsation in mu urq just below my ribs and fill very blotted depending on what i eat i may also have a sudden urge to go and a lot of loose sstool to o. i also have a problem with pain in my ulg as well just below my ribs almost at my zyfroid proccess. i do drink a lot of caffinated drinls mainly pepsi. and it has gotten to where when i drink them i end up with a burning sensation in my throat and indigestion. does anyone hav any ideas
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i have the same problem , has the doctor given you any suggestions on what it could be?
does the pain go to your back?
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yes i do get pain in my back but i do not know if it is related i know that i cant eat much atall with out hurting later i have no idea what is wrong
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You should go onto RealAge.com.  They have a test that is really helpful to diagnose heartburn symptoms - it helped me determine whether I needed to go see a doctor or not.

Try it out! I hope you feel better.

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i have most of the pain in my back and it feels like labour pains
my doctor is sending me for a scan this week to se if it is gallstones
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are you having a ultra sound?  i am still suffering but am afraid and cant really aford to see a dr.  did he suggest any meds that might help that are over the counter?  good luck with the scan:)
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yes first he thought it was heart burn and gave me rennie (which is for heartburn)
but the pain is so severe now that i am on the floor with my knees up to me tummy in agony.
i will let you know the outcome of the scan.
do you find it is when you eat fatty foods?
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