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pale stools

  Hi! I had a questions regarding pale stools. I have been passing pale colored stools for almost a month now, and have read everything from liver disease to hepatitis...is it normal to have this out of the blue with any other symptoms to watch out for?
Dear Debbie,
Stool color can vary, based on many factors including what you eat.  Interestinglt, a study was done asking patients and physicians to describe their stool color and then to compare it to cardfs of different colors.  There was avery poor correlation between the verbal discription and the stool color that had clinical significance.  Nevertheless, if your stool are now consistently pale (i,e, the color of chalk or very pale yellow) you should have some basic blood work done to assess the liver.  If these tests are normal, then nothing further needs to be done even if your stool renain pale,  However, if abnormalities are seen you will need evaluation including tests to exclude obstruction of the bile ducts.
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