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panic and bowel movements???

Can somebody please help me.  This all started in Feb. I woke up during the middle of the night feeling dizzy and threw up, afterwards felt normal. Then the next day, I felt very very hungry late at night, but when the food was ready, I felt nauseas and my heart rate sky rocketed.  I started shaking and sweating, vomiting - I later learned that these were signs of panic attack.  But I think that some digestive diseaseas can mimick the effects of a painic attack.  Anyway, I noticed that I have these anxiety attacks only when I feel that I have to have a bowel movement - which is more frequent than usual.  I also have to strain to make it come out, and when it does, it is small and pebble like or thin ribbons.  Also, a couple of months ago, my stomach started burning. Zantac didn't work.  Got tested for h. pylori - came back positive.  I though all my troubles were over - went through the treatment (during which my stomach did not burn), but after which it starting burning horribly again.  I also have developed a sharp stabbing pain in my lower left abdomin - sometimes it burns there too.  I have avoided alcohol and fatty foods for months!  Nothing will help... I have an appointment with a GI but I'm afraid I have some freak disease.  Does anyone out there know anything about this???
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Have they done any test like a lower GI?  Sounds a lot like IBS to me.  Actually it sounds more like IBS in your case than it does in mine.

Panic attacks can be horrible and GI symptoms tend to be on the short list of anxiety symptoms.

Wish I could be of more help.

Good luck.
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I hate panic attacks all the time, and when i get them, i get diarreah.  It can also cause contipation, gas, among other charming symptoms:-D.  I can totally relate to what you're saying when you say you panic before you have a bowel movement.  I do the same thing.  The thin stool can be from your muscles tensing up while you're panicing.  Don't worry!!!!  I highly doubt you have any freak disease.  Panic and anxiety can cause all sorts of weird bowel problems, and stressing about it only makes it worse.
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I am a 27 year old police officer.  I have been suffering from IBS for years.  I can't tell you how much of a life inconvenience dealing with IBS has become.  It has altered my job capabilities and all but ruined my social life.  I am literally scared to leave home or be at a place where a bathroom is not readily accesible.  Virtually everytime I eat I have extreme abdominal pain and have to have a BM within a minute.  Am I alone? Every med. that doctors have prescribed has not worked.  What can I do?  Desperately need help.
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I have had panic attacks all my life, since I was a child. Panic/anxiety all coincide with your stomach, heart, ect...You are getting your panic attacks right before your bowel movements because this is the exact time you had your first panic attack.

Unfortunatley, panci attacks, "attack" when and where we first get one. For example, I cannot go into grocery stores because I had a panic attack in one. It is the same for you, everytime you are ready to make a BM, it triggers this anxiety, and then ultimatley you have a panic attack.

I also have IBS, this is caused by nerves, hence panic attacks are a nervous issue. During an episode of IBS you will feel a strange, sometimes painful feeling in your lower abdomen it shortly after you will probably experience diarriah (SP?), this will relieve that weird pain in your tummy...You can also experience different colors in your stool, actually, colors and shapes. Nerves can do many strange things to us physically...

For the Police Office with IBS, I had it so bad for 6 months that I litterally ha to sit on the toilet while I ate any kind of food. That is how fast it would come out of me...

Hope this helps...

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during the past three years I have been told that I have diversticulosis, a hiatal hernia and plaqued with anxiety and panic disorders.I stated the word "TOLD" because no medical tests were ever done to prove the Dr's theory. Everytime I have a problem they say oh you have this or you have that, but thats not too comforting to me. He put me on a diet(xenical). after one week on the diet one evening I developed a sudden anxiety attack that sent me to the emerency room. I was monitored and nothing was found. for my diversticulsis I was told to drink some magnisium sulfate to cleans my bowls and colon. after driking it another attack occurred. last week I was given an appitite suppresant and placed on another diet. later that night after eating a salad and drinking about 4oz of crystal lite lemonade, another sudden attack occurred. they all seem to happen after I've eaten or have dranked a citrus drink or have taken something for weight control. I really dont know what is causing these horrible episodes. I cant lie down,stand up,sit down or walk without feeling that I'm going to die. Please respond if you have an answer to my problem.....Hernia-x
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I have the same symptoms you have.  Just like the other person said, when you have your first panic attack, it will always happen the same way, such as you having your BM's.  I went to a psychiatrist after a lot of coaxing and he helped me.  I am now a more relaxed person, without being drugged upbut it is not a cure for the panic attacks.  You may still have them only not as frequently.  Please for your own peace of mind, see a psychiatrist.  It will do you good.  I live in Union county NJ and have a great doctor if your in this area.  I will give you his name if you want to try it.  He's a great doctor and really listens and doesn't think it's "all in your head" which I am sure some people(especially family) have told you.  I hope this helps.     Debbie
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