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pernicious anemia, food intolerances

  I have pernicious anemia with low stomach acid.  I had a progressive lack of tolerance for years of certain foods, mostly raw vegetables and fruits.  This is better since I have been on B12 injections but will never be normal.  I cannot eat salads, for example, without nausea for hours afterwards.  My question is why is this problem never acknowleged by doctors and how can I manage it better?
Dear Xenia,
Inability ot eat salads without nausea is not a result of your B12 deficiency.  Many people will have indigestion after eating salads especially if the salad has onions or spicy dressings.  there are many possible complications of B12 deficiency including malabsoprtion, abnormal red blood cells and neurological problems, but the symptom that you describe is not a consequence of low b12 levels.
This information is presented for educational purpose sonly.  Always ask specific medical questions to your personal physician.
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