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question about colonoscopy ?

   I had a colonoscopy because they found blood in my stool. A surgeon performed the test and he said that everything looked normal. It seemed like the test was so short could that have been the medicine that they gave me? I think it was versed? Also he didnt show my any pictures is that because they didnt find anything wrong with me? My mom said they showed her pictures and explained everything they did to her. I felt as though I was in and out in no time flat it was strange feeling. What do you think?
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Hello - thanks for asking your question.  

If you are not comfortable with the test results, you can certainly obtain a copy of the report for verification.  It is not mandatory that a physician show you pictures of your colonoscopy. Alternatively, you can have a second opinion from a gastroenterologist.  

Versed has some amnestic qualities, and may have affected your memory of the procedure.  

Kevin, M.D.
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I've never had a colonoscopy, but I had an endoscopy two weeks ago.  They also gave me Versed.  I don't remember a thing about the procedure, which is probably similar to what you are experiencing.  I asked the nurse ahead of time to print me out some pictures of what they saw while performing the endoscopy.  They gave me the pictures after I woke up and explained what each picture represented.  You might want to call your doctor's office and ask whether it is too late to get pictures of your colonoscopy.
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I've just had an edoscopic untrasound and was given demerol and versed and I have *no* memory of the whole thing (which is fine by me!) I bet it seems like the test was quick bc of the medicine they gave you...

And you can always ask your doc to see the pics he/she took... Most docs don't mind that.

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Hello, I have had several colonoscopies and many EGDs (I'am a Barretts Esophagus Pt.) Once, I remembered the EGD and it was not a pleasant thing to remember. My Dr. makes sure that doesnt happen again....They give me vested and when I wake up I dont remember a thing...Usually, I dont even think it has been done yet, but, of course it has been... They usually always share the Pics with me and I have even borrowed them to take to a cancer Dr I am also seeing....I would settle it by just calling the office and asking about them...Take care tessa
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Hi I have been diagnosed with early Barett's/ GERD.

How far along are you? Do you have cancer and or what have you done about it?

I hear there is surgury that can solve this or aleviate it / Plus kemo I guess if there is cancer?

Sorry for all the poking and prodding... just alot of unanswered questions on my mind.

If you could share your experience I appreciate it very much.

not to mention what changes to your diet etc, and what I should expect going forward. "Hopefully they are wrong and I only have Gerd, although I rather not "have" anything."

Good luck and God bless you all.........
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Hello, I was diagnosed by EGD and biopsy...Actually I had so much damage on first EGD that biopsies were not even possible at that time..I had strictures, erosions, active ulcers, and a Lg Hiatal Hernia..I was put on Nexium 40 mg in am and Nexium 20 mg in pm and COMPLETELY changed my eating habits(GERD DIET) 4 months later on repeat EGD the ulcers were healed and my GI dr. dialated the strictures and was now able to get biopsies..My biopsy confirmed Barretts with low-grade dysplasia..It is my understanding that all Barretts is a (precancerous) condition and you always have it...It requires alot of monitoring by EGDs and biopsies and alot of work from us as well..Hopefully your Dr. put you on the GERD diet? I dont eat any fried foods, nothing hard to swallow, no caffeine, coffee,chocolate,no pepper,nothing with tomatoes, and no carbonated beverages.. I mainly eat yogurt, jello, chix and noodles, and oatmeal..I am not very heavy and after losing 16 lbs in first few months I weigh 134 lbs. My Dr. looked for more than 18 months for what was wrong with me. He noticed that I was consistently having a high white blood cell count...After months of it refusing to come down he sent me to an Oncologist Hemotologist. Well, eventually that Dr. did a CEA (cancer tumor marker) that came back positive for colon cancer, thus me being sent to GI Spec. I had a colonoscopy and it was ok but it led him to my Esophagus and BINGO, there was the problem..Since the ulcers have healed my blood count has since returned to normal, first time in two yrs. However the cancer Dr. wont release me and I am concerned about that. I had invasive cancer in 95 and was declared cured and cancer free in 2000 and then wouldnt ya know it, Barretts shows up...There is much info on the web about Barretts....Seattle Barretts Esophagus Program has alot of info and so does John Hopkins..JH also has a Barretts support message board...Ask your Dr. for clear answers...I am blessed as my Doctors, family, GI, and Cancer are like the dream team and I put my faith in them..Another thing you need to do is either buy a wedge pillow 6-7 inches, you can get them at medical supply companies for around $24.00-$28.00. or use bricks or blocks and actually raise the head of your bed.It keep the acid from coming up into the esophagus from your stomace while you are sleeping...Also my nexium was just raised to two 40mg nexiums a day...I hope this helps you and if you need any more info or just need to talk to someone you can email me at m_catarina***@****
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