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question about heavy gut

Hi well taking nexium once aday seems to help with Ulcer and gerd.  I was wondering.  I sometimes still have a heavy feeling in stomach wether I eat or not.  It feels like I swallowed a brick that won't digest.  Is this common with and Ulcer or gerd.  Hope someone can Help.  Also I find If standing for a long period of time its gets really bad, I feel like my stomach is falling down or someone punched me in the gut.  Thanks
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Holy cow....... I have YET to find ONE person who even comes close to having the same symptoms as I until now. I have been describing that "SAME" exact symptom since it ALL started almost two years ago, yet no-one can relate. My first endoscopy revealed gastritis with the bacteria H-Pylori. I was treated and a second endoscopy months later revealed chronic gastritis with no H-Pylori. The bacteria was treated. Almost a year went by with NO letting up. I finally went to a new GI who is wonderful and just three weeks ago had another endoscopy. This time a SMALL hiatal hernia was found and still gastritis. Hiatal hernia's are usually ALWAYS missed and are often found by accident. If you look up the symptoms of HH, you will see they sort of match "Our" symptoms to a T. The heavy feeling, that slight pain right in the PIT of the tummy, however, I'm still unsure if this is the actual cause AND HH's cause reflux (Gerd) as well. I'm do back in three weeks for a follow up (To talk) and I will DEFINITELY bring this feeling up. It's the ONLY symptom I have. It doesn't add up to my diagnosis, except the HH. No burning, no indigestion, no acidic taste in the mouth, NOTHING, just the VERY heavy feeling 24/7 whether or not I eat has nothing to do with it. If it's there, it's there, but it sometimes gets worse AFTER I eat. It may very well be the hiatal hernia. Go to google.com and search hiatal hernia symptoms. You'll see. I was told to eat six SMALL meals a day and this does help. It just stinks that I have to SIT for hours after I eat to digest, otherwise the pain is ten-fold.

I can't believe I met someone with the SAME symptoms after two years of searching the web and speaking with others. You're right about the standing as well, "especially" if I'm walking for too long or out dancing. Forget about it and I can't stand long as well without it coming on like you wouldn't believe. Have you had any testing done? (Endoscopy) Due keep in touch if you EVER find the source of the problem. I will do the same. How long have you had this?

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Well I have had this along time.  I started taking losec.  This was perscribe in the hospital.  They diagnosed me with a bleeding gastric ulcer.  The losec worked for awhile but still had the heavy gut.  Then one day I had a bad headache.  I took to aspirin.  That was a no no  Started over again but worse.  I have a hiatel hernia, have had it for years since age 16 am now 38.  Frustrating.  Then i ended back a dr.  Gave nexium  This is really good stuff.  But still get the heavy gut once in awhile drives me nuts.  I take forever to digest food.  Especially breads and potatoes.  I go to the gastroligist on october 24 then I will be scheduled for a scope.  I will keep you posted.  Thanks for replying.  I will search on google for Hiatel hernia.  Thanks kaylea
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There you go! I bet it's the HH. If the symptoms match (which they do) and we both have the SAME feeling and both have a HH, than I bet that's where the heavy tummy comes in. Not to mention the PPI's (Prilosec, nexium, etc, etc) they totally make digestion VERY hard. It actually slows it down, so those on top of the condition, makes it much worse. On the other hand, we need to take them. Do keep me posted. I'll do the same. Feel better ;-)
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I have been experiencing exactly the same for quite a while now. I've described to my doctor about this heavy feeling and it gets worse when I stand for a while (not even long, maybe only 3 to 5 minutes). He just simply dismissed me. Jennifer, I was exactly the same with you in terms of first they found an ulcer. Then I was treated with the HP kit, then the endoscopy found ulcer is cured and no more H/Pylori, but there is chronic gastritis. Beside this, I have also been waking up from pain in the middle of night three to four times almost every  night for the last half a year. I tried Losec, Nexium. They all sort of worked for a while at the beginning but then the symtoms are still there. I'm now trying Protonix and it seems to work better for me. My last gastroscopy was 4 months ago and that's when they found chronic gastritis but that was it. My doctor didn't think that was the cause of the pain and he basically said he doesn't know what it is. I'm going to see another specialist to try to get a second opinion next week and hopefully I can meet a good doctor who can solve my problems this time. All the best!
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Well, thats neat ey. I thought that i was the only one.  I had taken all the antibiotics for hpylori.  That helped abit.  The thing I found that blew me away with the antibiotics was that it killed all the good bacteria in my gut.  So when I finally finished the antibiotic i was stuck with a gut to clean if you no what I mean.  I needed some of the bacteria to keep me happy in the tummy.  So with the ulcer and hh and gasteritis, I am now living on a very bland diet and drink only water.  Iam also hypoglycemic and need sugar so I drink some applejuice diluted.  I am 38 living in an unreasonable body.  I need a new one.  mmmmmm any spares around .  thanks kaylea
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Has anyone had this surgery?
After being on medication for 13 years for acid reflux and now I'm told I have a very large hiatis hernia that has caused my stomach to protruded into my chest and the flap at the end of the esophagus does not work and needs to be replaced.
I like many of you have been treated for chest pain, abdominal pain and they even try to blame it on kidney stones that may have past when I have pain on my right side. Mostly everytime at the emergency room doctors would say we don't know why your having this pain and if it continues see your primary care doctor. Now I'm scheduled for surgery in seven damn weeks. If I don't go totaly crazy by then. I can't wait to have the surgery and then maybe feel normal again.
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