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"floppy cecum"

  I have a friend who just had a barium enema for persistent
  abdominal pain and was told that the X-rays showed that she
  has what is sometimes called a "floppy cecum". This apparently
  is not what is causing the pain, but we have been unable to find
  any further information on it. The radiologist said that on two
  of the X-rays her cecum was in the normal position and on the
  other two X-rays it had turned upward. We would appreciate any
  further information on this condition.
Dear Annette,
"Floppy cecum" is a general term that refers to a cecum that is on a redundant or long mesentery and therefore can move in the abdominal cavity.  Sometimes, the cecum is at an unusual location, whereas at other times it is located in its regular location.  The condition is relatively common.  Anecdotally, as many as 10% of people having a barium enema may have  a floppy cecum.  There are no reported consequences of having a floppy cecum.
This material is provided for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a formal medical evaluation.  If you have specific questions, please contact your primary physician.
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