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right side abdominal pain and gastrointestinal symptoms

I eat very healthy, I'm 33 no previous health problems, excerise regularily. seldomly drink, dont smoke. healthy weight. March 09 symptoms began

June 23 09. I woke up with edema surrounding my eyes and have woken up every day since then with this, and severe right side abdominal pain between my hip and belly button and radiating down to my pubic area. also it felt like someone hit my in the upper mid back with a baseball bat it hurt so bad and I have no idea what caused it. I have had a pap and a transvaginal ultrasound and my ovaries were normal. the worst pain is to the right of my belly button and if I press there it hurts so much I feel like I'm gonna pass out. I can feel it every time I take a step and sitting all day at work is so incredibally uncomfortable.I still have constipation and itching.

the only diagnosis I have been given is IBS. I wanted to know if any of these labs could be condusive of anything that stands out to you. because I dont know how long I can take this!

WBC 4.6 L (4.8-10.8)
RBC 3.88 L (4.2-5.4)
HGB 13.5 (12-16)
HCT 36.3 L (37-47)
MCV 96.9 H (83-93)
MCH  32.8 H (26-31)
MCHC 34.6 H (32-34)
RDW 12.8 L (13-15)
PLT 269 (140-400)

SEGS 58.4 (45-65)
LYMPHS 29.2 (20-40)
MONOS 8.4 (2-10)
EASINO 3.5 H (0-3)
BASO 0.5 (0-1)

NA 140 (135-145)
K 3.6 (3.5-5)
CL 103 (95-106)
BUN 13 (8-23)
CRE .66 (.4-1.2)
EGFR 92 (72-110)
GLU 84 (70-99) (then non fasting 127)
PO4 4.0
CHOL 137 L (140-240)
HDL 54 (>46)
CLDL 72 (3-130)
TRIG 53 (30-200)
ALB 4.9 H (3.4-4.8)
AST 21 (10-30)
ALT 16 (11-45)
T BIL 1.8 H (.4-1.2)
ALKPHOS 50 (30-130)

sepc gravity 1.017
leu ase 1
nitrate negative
ph 7.5
blood neg
protein neg
glucose neg
keytones trace
urobilinogen neg
bilirubin neg
casts neg
epith moderate
mucus moderate
WBC 5-10
RBC 0-2
bacteria moderate

T3 total 115.4 (60-181)
TSH 1.91 (.49-4.67)
T4 5.89 (4.5 - 12)
FR T-4 1.21 (.7-1.9)

ESR 13 (0-20)
CRP HS .28 (0-.30)

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There are a variety of causes for lower right abdominal pain, including, the appendix, irritable bowel and inflammatory bowel disease, like Crohn's.

The next tests to consider would be imaging with an abdominal CT scan, as well as looking at the GI tract with a colonoscopy.

If negative, then indeed, irritable bowel can be considered, and treatment optimized with select antibiotics and anti-spasmodic agents.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician, or in conjunction with a GI consult.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin Pho, M.D.

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I would like to know if gallbladder disease or kidney stones could possibly be the issue. I have severe pain on the right side. I have tried anti spasmodics and they made my constipation much worse. would I ask for an ultrasound or a CT scan?
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When you get the pain in your right side could it be sever gas?  I had that for years that would double me over in pain.  I had IBS and the gas pains would be so bad.  The nurse at school one day told me to lay on my left side and draw my knees up.  This allows the gas to pass through quicker and within 15-25 minutes I was back to work and had no pain.  It was amazing how much better I felt after trying that.  My daughter-in-law was having trouble one evening when our son was with us.  She was ready to call an ambulence when I got on the phone with her and asked questions about what was going on.  I told her to do what the nurse told me and she finally agreed to try it first before calling 911.  Within 15 minutes she was calling and laughing at how it had worked.  I don't know if it will help you but it worked for us.  Make sure you see a gastroentrologist also to make sure there isn't anything more serious.
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Dr. Pho:  I am 57yo female with horrible gastro intestinal symptoms for several years. Sometimes after I eat or with bad stress my stomach will blow up like I'm 7months pregnant. It will feel like a stick is in my uppper & lower right abdomen to the point where I can't sit & my back will be with severe pain; also my low, low groin area will have severe crampy feeling. I can only eat small amounts at a time; if I eat too much I will have to vomit part of it up. I've had an Abdominal Ultrasound & they said it was normal. When this happens, I can actually see the right lower part of my abdomen grows bigger than the left side....Can you give me your opinion based on these symptoms? Thank you kindly.
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Correction: Had an ABD CT Scan that appeared to be normal. (not an Ultrasound).
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