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severe abdominal pain

Posted By mm on December 14, 1998 at 19:50:02:

I have an oncologist, ob/gyn, & GI - each doctor keeps referring me to the other.
me to the other. Two years ago, I had gastorintestinal
stromal tumor removed & have been told my abdominal pain
is not related to this.
For the past year, I have severe abdominal pain right
before or right after my period. The pain starts out
mild & increases over a day or 2. My stomach swells
and it makes very loud gurlgling sounds, even though
I have eaten.   My stomach & thighs breakout in small
red blister-like spots (clears up the next day), & there
is back pain.I was given a stronger birth control pill but
that seem to make matters worse.
I have had CT scans, ultrasounds, and Upper GI & small bowel tests that
are all normal. The tech. that did the Upper GI felt it
was endometriosis, the GI thinks its gyn, the gyn thinks
its GI and The oncologist feels it has nothing to do with
the tumor.
It's frustrating because the pain is so
severe, I miss at least two or three days of work
a month. I feel like the doctors don't
believe me.
Any ideas of what can be causing this pain? Thanks.

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