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severe lower abdominal pain after eating msg flavor packs in raimin

several times per year i get severe gas pains that almost make me pass out.  I have pinned the last few times down to msg flavoring packs in raimin soup.  The attack occurs if i am sleeping and i guess laying down contributes to the gas getting trapped somehow because it only happenes when i sleep.  The pain is in the lower abdominal area and leaves after i have a bowel movement, but the bowel movement causes such severe pain that i pray to die and feel like i am about to go unconscious.  I am guessing this is some kind of obstruction and i try to stay away from things that cause too much gas and i take enzymes etc but sometimes it still happens.  it scares me that it causes that level of pain..anyone know why the pain would be that severe and how dangerous this type of situation is?
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