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severe pain in lower right side

  I began feeling this pain in my lower right abdomen two years ago. The pain is very intense. Sometimes it spreads to the hip or the lower back. I have had a pelvic and abdomnial ultrasound, an abdominal cat-scan with contrast, a barium enema with air contrast, and an MRI of the lower right abdominal wall. All tests were negative. I need to know what to do or what this pain could possibly be caused by. My doctor has ruled out chron's disease, hernia, ovarian cysts or tumors, etc. He said he can only suppose that it may be a tear or a sprain of the rectus abdominus muscle, although I have not been participating in any of the activities that he listed as possible causes for these injuries. Please respond soon.
Dear Botan,
From your description of the tests performed, it appears that your doctor has done an excellent job of excluding the gastrointestinal diseases that could cause abdominal pain.  Many times, individuals who present with abdominal pain of lind duration and the absence of other symptoms e.g. weight loss etc have irritable bowel syndrome.  After the workup has been completed, we often suggest that the patient increase the quantity of fiber in the diet.  This lifestyle manipulation (change in diet to increase salads, taking Metamucil) often leads to improvement in the abdominal pain.
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