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i also have had chronic sinusitis for a year that i have been unsucessfully treated for.. do u think that could cause reflux? thank u everyone:)
virgo star
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Your "Silent" reflux is the cause of the sinusitis, not the other way around. I too have this as well. Here's something worth reading.

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Try reading this and perhaps take it to your ENT doctor.

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As you see chronic sinus infections are caused by Fungi, your gastric problems are almost certainly fungal based, [as are a large percentage on this board] search yeast infections for more info .
PS don
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Dear Virgo Star,

Everything is connected. As was said, reflux can irritate the sinuses. Also, post nasal drip can irritate the stomach, leading to more reflux.

I agree with what the others told you. I'll also add some SINUS TIPS and some GASTRIC REFLUX TIPS in case these might be helpful to you. Run the tips by your doc, to be sure they are OK for you. Let us know if they help. Give the tips a 2 week trial, at least. These tips are also found on page 10 of the website listed below.

Concerned lady
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Please check with your doctor, before trying these
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Some GASTRIC REFLUX TIPS (without acid blockers):

Please check with your doctor, first, before trying these tips to be sure they are safe, in your particular situation.

GER=Gastro-Esophageal Reflux. (Gastro=stomach. Esophagus=food tube.)

LPR= Laryngeal-Pharyngeal Reflux. (Larynx=voice box, containing the 2 vocal cords. Pharynx=throat, above the larynx. The larynx is above the trachea/windpipe.)

Reflux=acidic or alkaline stomach material that backs up into the esophagus (food tube), causing any of these problems (at least): VCD/Vocal Cord Dysfunction/Laryngospasm attacks, cough, voice problems, asthma, globus (feeling of lump in throat), constant need to clear throat, much extra throat mucus, worsening of sinus condition, sore throat, laryngitis, voice problems, pre-cancerous conditions of throat &/or esophagus, etc.

SOME GER/LPR CONTROL THINGS WE DO, that we learned from the excellent book: STOMACH AILMENTS AND DIGESTIVE DISTURBANCES, by Michael T. Murray, N.D. See page 9, References, in my website: http://cantbreathesuspectvcd.com   and, also see GER/LPR info on page 5, and on LINKS page.

PLEASE READ THIS GREAT BOOK. It may possibly be bought on-line, from Michael T. Murray
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thank u very much for all the tips.!!i will try to feel better.. i have a dr appt tomorrow as i think the protonix is making me queasy:(.. but i will keep all the things said here in mind:)
virgo star
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