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i am  a 41 yr old female that has had intermittent testing
done for general abdomen pain. I have had my gallbladder
checked, i went to a gastro dr. he did an endoscope and a
cat scan of my abodomen. the only abnormality he found was
in my blood work, h pylori. i was treated last december for
this condition. i still had abdomen pain went to gyn dr,
did laporoscopy. nothing abnormal. i went through this summer
with no pain, however now I am having abdomen pain that
radiates to my middle back. i do not have reflux, heartburn
or any abnormal bowel habits the pain is not associated with
any foods i eat. it's just there. my dr has me on donnatal
right now. i'm not sure where to go from here. i read
an article about celiac disease. i have the irritability,
fatigue, abdominal pain. i just can't understand why i have
the middle back pain with it. thanks for your time.
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Stomach pain that radiates to the back often suggests pancreatitis, but it's usually a pretty severe pain. Could be the h. pylori is back, or just a general gastritis. For celiac disease there's a blood test you can take, but if you have no bowel symptoms it's probably not that - plus you would probably notice the association with eating wheat. There is a blood test for it if you're still unsure.

Keep at it and you'll eventually find the answer. Good luck.
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