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stomach problems after radioactive iodine treatment

  I was treated for Graves Disease in Feb. with radioactive iodine. I have had stomach problems and pain in my right side with diarrhea since. This has gotten more painful and constant over the months.
  Can Graves Disease also create stomach problems?
  What other problems are associated with Graves disease.
  Did the radioactive iodine treatment hurt my intestines?
  I also have developed cysts in my breasts, overies and sinuses
  I also have tumors in my uterus and under my skin on my left hand side.
Dear Deborah,
It is important to know if you are still hyperthyroid because hyperthyroidism cancause some of the gastrointestinal symptoms of which you complain.  Increases acid secretion and diarrhea can result from excessive production of thyroid hormone.  The abdominal pain could be the result of acid e.g. ulcers.  Alternatively, you could have an entirely separate and unrelated problem e.g.  cholecystitis.  Additional details regarding your pain would be required befor we could provide a differential diagnosis for this complaint.  It is unlikely that the radioactive iodine is causing yur gastrointestinal problems.
I dobt that there is any relationship between yur cysts and tumors and the iodine treament.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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