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stomag disorder? Help!!

  I am a 38 year old female, I have been having some digestive problems, i was having blood in my stool and that was diagnosed as an inflammed internal hemmorhoid and the colon/rectal doctor has given me Cortifoam for that, it has not helped. He also sent me to have a Cat Scan since i have been having pain on my left side and lower left abdominal pain, the ct test showed everything was normal. I also experience a discomfort in my stomag not pain but more like noises like churning noises, and i burp a lot. the pain on my left side has subsided and i only get it like under my rib cage and mostly after a BM. I know there is something going on in there because i seem to be losing weight and that is really hard for me to do. i do not get hungry and really i am scared to eat since my stomag just does not take it very well. Does anyone have any similiar problems? and just how Accurate is a Cat Scan?  Thank You so much
Re: Stomach Discomfort and Weight Loss
Dear Jessica:
Bleeding internal hemorrhoids affect many people. Although it sometimes can be uncomfortable, it does not cause serious health problem. Iassume that other tests were done to exclude alternative colon explanations for the bleeding.  If yu did not have visualization of your colon, you should discuss the need for more tests with your doctor. The normal abdominal CT scan excludes many pssible causes for abdominal pain. However, ntestinal diseases causing lower abdominal discomfort may be missed by CT scan.
Given the complexity of your pain, it is not possible to list all the possible causes in this response. Ido not know how significant is the change in appetitie.  Have you lost weight?  You should consider seeing a gastroenterologist for help in defining the cause fr your problems.
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