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stringy white stuff in stool.

I am a 20yr. old female in good otherwise good health, or so I think. For the last 4 or so months I have noticed white-ish strings  in my bowel movements. Even when my bowel movements are normal, they are still there. I do suffer from frequent diahrea, although have been too embarrased to see a doctor about it. I am always hungry, and soon after I eat, even if it's a large meal, I still feel hungry, tired, and weak and feel I need to eat again only an hour or less after eating. I am worried that these "white stingy things" could be a worm or parasite of some-kind, and am curious as to what you think. I am a little worried to see my doctor about it. I've never been ot a foreign country or anything, and I'm never exposed to unsanitary conditions. What do you think these are, and should I see my doctor?

Any advice or suggestions would be very helpful!! Thanks!!
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I would suggest seeing a physician for further evaluation.  Testing the stool for parasitic infection - as well as bacteria - can be done.  You can also consider a lower endoscopy - such as a flexible sigmoidoscopy - to evaluate for inflammatory bowel disease.

Another consideration would be malabsorption or celiac disease.  Sending the stool off for fat malabsorption or obtaining blood tests looking for celiac disease can be discussed with your personal physician, or in conjunction with a GI referral.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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It could be worms and if this is the case there are simple treatments for it. In anycase you should see a doctor soon because you could develop nutrtional defencies as a result of possible worms and diarhea.
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do you have pet??
Have you been in touch with dog or cat??
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yes, I've had various cats for quite some time now...
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cats have ringworms??you can spot them in their feces and it could be passed on to human,if not treated ,it usually make a person look rather pale.
not sure if it is called ring worms,but they are small white worms and when they come out,it looks like broken white vermicelli and there could be many of them.
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you can see your GP and they will take your stool sample and send it to the lab.
It is no big deal,they will give you some pills and it will be gone.
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What pills are given for worms?
I've found similar items in my stool. Had it checked. Came back negative, but still have weird things like that in my stool. My docs say I'm being obsessive compulsive about it and have dismissed me as being sort of a mental case.
But I still find stringy things in my stool.
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I dont recall the name of the medicine,but my GP is mexican and we have a large mexican population,so he is not surprised of any parasitic infection.
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fungal infection -you can see a white film which comes out with the bowel movement.
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A close in-law who lives in Chattanooga TN was misdiagnosed by docs until she visited a homeopathic doctor out of Atlanta. She was found to have liver parasites (all the other docs totally missed it... or wouldn't be bothered to check for that). Anyway after treatment she's fine now. She hasn't travelled out of the country, but like you pointed out, there's a large Mexican migrant population also in her town. They surmise she might have picked up the parasites from eating at a local restaurant. Really they have no other explanation. What do you do? Stop eating out altogether?
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Hi, my 6 year old daughter has had these worms they are called threadworm.  They are not to do with cleanliness, you can pick them up from a towel or door handle.
If you are too embarressed to see a doctor go to the chemist and get pripsen these are a mebendazole tablet which is easy to take and will erradicate the problem if worms.
Hope this helps, good luck.
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if you have pets and suspect it could be from them,you should treat your pets as well.
You can get medication from pet store.
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