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upper left abdominal pain

I am a 21 year old female, n/d n/s, with no history of gastro-diseases.  My only health problem is a prolapsed mitral valve, (assumingly unrelated).  I have been having a dull pain in the upper left abdomin for the last few months, with sharp pains occuring frequently, these pains sometimes radiate into my back. I have no diarrhea, or constipation, also no N/V.  Does anyone have any idea what it could be?  I am kind of scared because ironically, I work on the gastro floor at a hospital, and I see a lot of things it could be.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks.
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You're right, there are a lot of things it  COULD be.  The best thing you could do is get an appointment with one of those gastro docs and get some tests done.  Good luck.
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If you work on the Gastro floor, ask one of the docs.  Surely, they would let you have an "idea" of what could be going on.
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I, too, have a strange, hard to explain pain in upper left quadrant. It feels like a swelling but I don't see any swelling.
At night when I lie on my back, I am very aware of it and almost
could say there is a mild gurgling, pulsation. It is not a pain but more of an uncomfortable sensation. I have had 2 ultrasounds
with no results. I have been diagnosed with fatty liver and have elevated liver enzymes. I am neither obese, diabetic, nor alcholic. I worry that the lipitor/lescol I took may have caused some damage.  I suffer from muscle weakness and pain -lower back, shoulder, pain in hip joints. Any suggestions? My doctor is at a loss.
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I am a 60 years old and never had health problems in my life tell now.  Feel and look young but my body is trying to tell me something. Three years ago I started getting a Rib cage pain and burning.  It is located under my breasts.  When I don't eat it hurts, when I do eat it hurts or burns more.  Especially on my left side.  I will have severe attacts on left side under left breast that will knock me to the floor and I can't get up or move. I cry, I scream with the pain.  I've hurt so bad I have lost my breath and thought I was passing over. But felt my will to live brought me back. Sometimes I have cramps so bad it feels like I am having a baby.  My Doctor says I have IBS and Fibromyalgia.  Also have neck, back, leg, arm pain. I've been precribed Vioxx, Zoloft and Trazadone.  But nothing helps my stomach area.  I've had all the tests, scopes, MRI's, Ultra sounds, blood tests. Makes me wonder about a flu shot I had three years ago.  After the shot, I had the flu for a month and then the Rib cage pain started. Sometimes I feel that the shot with the flu Virus started my problem. HELP!
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I am not sure if you are doing this or not, but might help if you try it.

You sound like you have something similar to me. And certain foods I have learned cause me major flare ups.

These majority of foods to stay away from:

1. onions any shape or form. this includes onion powder... read ingredient labels!
2. Red sauces.  This includes ketchup.
3. Dairy products.
4. soda any kind.
5. any thing that contains caffiene.
6. anything that contains mint
7. chocolate
8. aspirin... this makes it very bad!

try changing your diet and see if that gives you some relief.
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