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watery stool

  my problem is that I have had a watery stool almost everyday
  for half a year. the stool is really soft and watery, sometims
  with gas. my urine is always yellowrish.
  my condition is that I'm a hbv carrier, maybe have hsv, not sure
  'cus never took the lab test for that, just based on the symptoms.
  right arm and leg are always tired. I don't know if I have muscle
  weakness. dizzy all the time.
  lab test showed everything ok. BUN test highter than normal but
  second test returned to normal.
  before that I was a totally heathy person besides hbv.
  I just wondered if this is nerve related. what tests should I
  ask from my doc? any suggestions?
Dear Dan,
There arer many causes for watery doarrhea.  Diet, intestinal mucosal dysfunction, nerve and muscle problems must all be considered.  Evaluation by a gastroenterologist will provide assistance in defining the cause for you rproblem and the best treatment.
This information is presented for educational purposes.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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