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weight loss, nausea vomiting bile after gallbladder removal

hi, i am a 42 old female, i experienced gallbladder attacks in oct.2004, was extremely sick, vomiting, lethargy, the ultrasound showed i had alot of gallstones,(30-40) had it removed by laparscopy, had no problems for 2 weeks, then i experienced nausea 24/7,and then intermittent diarrhea, had a colonoscopy, which was normal, then i had an endoscopy which showed a copius amount of bile in my stomach, was put on welchol and nexium (had some ulcers) did okay for a couple of months, then in june of 2005 i lost 32 lbs in a 3-4 week period, i had no appetite whatsover,severe lethargy,intermittent diarrhea, a feeling of fullness. I  had a cat scan which showed a mass in some fluid down by my rectum. I also had a vaginal ultrasound which showed some debri in my cervix. So the gi doctor told me it was female so i went to a gyn and she wanted to do a total hysterectomy because she thought i had ovarian cancer, the ca125 was neg. my insurance did not cover her so i went to a cancer center and they did a uterine biopsy and she told me my female organs were totally normal. so now i went back to the gi doctor, he did a test that i had to have electrodes on my stomach and i carried a camera on my side,( i cannot remember the test name) came back normal, had a lower gi, normal, was tested for celiac disease, normal, lupus,normal every test that i have had is totally normal, i went to another doctor, she repeated the cat scan, the mass is gone but the radiologist saw another mass in my uterus and he assumed it was a tampon, 100 percent cannot be a tampon because i never wear tampons because they bother me too much! i understand that you are not a gyn but i thought you needed to know everything. i have lost a total of 46 lbs to date , extremely nauseous, which i take phenegran for and it does help, there are days that i have an okay day but 80 percent of my days are terrible, i cannot function, very nauseous and i just want to lay down, i feel better if i lay down, when i vomit its always bile, and lots of it, and it is a wicked wretching, not like a normal puking, and i get very sick, almost disoriented, i feel malaise, i feel like i have the flu 10 x over, i sleep for hours and then this syndrome? goes away and then i can funtion again, i have been so sick for 5 months now, i was fine until i had my gallbladder removed, some stomach pain, but nothing that would double me over , the pain is all over my stomach , sometimes in upper right quadrant, sometimes left side, i want the docter to do a ercp but he said that is not necesary, i was told that sometimes your cystic duct closes and thats when i get sick , feel terrible and then when it reopens i feel better. i sometimes feel bloated, have gas and belching . i went back to the surgeon who removed my gallbladder and he said he found nothing wrong, 3 doctors want to put me on an ani-depressant! please steer me in the right direction, you are my last hope, do i stop looking and give up? thankyou so much
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You have had a comprehensive evaluation, including several physicians as well as a variety of tests.  Note that it would be unlikely that I can come up with something without examination.

You can discuss more specialized testing - such as an ERCP with Sphincter of Oddi manometry - to evaluate for Spincter of Oddi dysfunction.  This can replicate gallbladder symptoms in those who had a cholecystectomy.  

Other options can include a gastric emptying scan to evaluate for gastroparesis as well as motility studies to evaluate for esophageal dysmotility.  Atypically, these options can lead to the symptoms you are describing.

You can consider these tests with your personal physician or in consideration with a GI evaluation.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I just want to let you know that I have had pretty much the same thing happen.  I had my gallbladder removed, all test came back normal except one.  I have had something called a gastric empty scan done. They said that my stomach was not emptying fast enough. I had a huge stomach surgery and now have 2 exits in my stomach. I was fine for 5 months and then got bad again. I have bile in my stomach all of the time just eating away at it. I am down to 95 pounds. No doctor will see me anymore because they say that there is nothing else to do but for me to go to a pain clinic to coat the problem. I am only 28 and have 3 kids. I know your pain trust me, I feel for you. Upper gastric in the diaphram pain, radiate into my shoulderblade, nausea, and tenderness.  I just want to give up the fight.
Thanks for letting me know that there is someone out there with a problem that these dang doctors can't fix.
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Sorry to hear you are both suffering. I know how it feels. I had my GB removed in March after being told that it would solve my problems (nausea, pain, bloating, etc.) Well here I am almost 8 months later with the same symptoms as before. Been back to the gastro dr.--he basically kicked me out of his office and told me he was "done with me" because he didn't know what was wrong. My family dr. has run multiple tests on me and is very helpful but is at the point where he is running out of tests to do! I am 26 and have 3 children to look after and it is becoming harder and harder to do while feeling so crappy. I have become an emotional wreck because of this.
Please don't give up! Keep trying as I am doing...we will find answers!
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thankyou to janiel and donna for your comments,this has been a nightmare. i thought having your gallbladder was a pretty simple procedure and once you had it removed all your problems are gone. boy was i wrong. no one can tell me what is wrong, i feel like you donna that the doctors are just going to throw me out because they have not found out anything at all. they just want to put me on an anti-depressant and don't callus we will call you. i work in the veterinary world and sorry to say this but i have more confident in the vets that i work with, they will do whatever it takes to find out what is wrong with an animal. i would like the surgeon to do an exploratory but he said they do not do that anymore with all these fancy tests that they have that is pretty much obsolete. well  also have similiar tests in the veterinary world and these ultrasounds or cat scans may come back normal but in my opinion there is  nothing is better than the naked eye, if we can not figure it out we will do an exploratory on this animal and 99 percent of the time will figure out the problem. i guess i am not sure how demanding do i want to be with the doctors, i think they should run a ercp and just see if my cystic duct is closing. the surgeon did tell me that he left my cystic duct. i had it done laparscopic and was not cut, sometimes i think it would of been better to have been cut so they could of done it right. i have had 4 c-sections and i would think their would of been alot of scar tissue, which would  of made the laparscopy harder in my opinion. anyway thankyou both for your input, at least i feel like i am not alone , i hope you both find help as i hope i do thanks again, karin
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I too can identify with you except that I don't have four children to raise, just one in college.  My heart and prayers go out to you.  I had gallbladder out in 2002 and now have pain every time I eat.  My gastro dr has tried repeatedly to give me med for depression which is maddening.  I take 120mg of morphine a day and have an intestinal feeding tube.  I have grieved so much to not be able to eat normal.  And want so much to get rid of the pain.  My hope though is in my creator, Jesus Christ.  He has promised that all things will work together for the good for those who love him and are called to his purpose.  I know that in pain and weakness our spirit can still be strong and we never know what impact our suffering is having, such as the development of character and insight of our children.. Keep on fighting.  Our bodies have wonderful capabilities of coming back after damage, for nerves it can take years.  Is there anyone out there who can write who has been through this and doing well now?  Vitoras
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Karin, I also thought that removing the GB would solve all my problems as well---well that's what I was told by the gastro dr. I was ready to do just about anything to feel "well" again even if that meant jumping off of a cliff or drinking a bottle of poison! Unfortunately, through this experience I have come to lose trust in dr.'s. I went back to my family dr. just last week and he told me he is going to do a "wait and see approach". My impression was he wants to wait till something happens (probably emergency wise) then treat me that way...nice huh?? Well here I am back to square one. I did get a hold of my mother-in-law who is going to see if her dr. will see me for a second opinion (or should I say 4th or 5th opinion).
I'm thinking my next step is to go to a veterinarian and see what they say...probably alot more then the dr.s around here LOL!
Anyhow, sorry to ramble on...it is good to be able to talk to someone else going through a similar situation.
Hope you all find answers and feel better soon,
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I just want you all to know that I am happy and sad at the same time that there are people out there with the same problem. I am sorry you are going through this.  It lets me know that I am not crazy. I feel bad for my husband for dealing with me, but it is so hard to talk to someone who doesn't understand. He keeps telling me to go on an anti-depressant to help me deal with this.  I am scared to, but I know I need to do something. How do they make you feel?  Does it help any? I cry all of the time about this and have no one to pick me up when I am down. Kind of on your mind all of the time, huh?  If any of you would like someone to talk to my email address is nellie_1032***@****
Hope it is not too bad for you today.  Keep your chin up.
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I can relate to not having a gallbladder or gallstones (removed April 05) but still experiencing gut-wrenching pain.

All was fine for six months from April 05-Oct 11. While at work Oct 12,I had excrutiating pain just below my sternum that felt like when they discovered I had gallstones (a bunch of 'em). Two days later, at work, another attack where I ended up going to ER. They didn't know what was causing it after having an ultrasound, blood/urine tests, so they gave me pain meds, a prescrip for Protonix and sent me home. I called my GI and asked to see him. He had no idea, but I told him I was not leaving until he scheduled an MRI. He said it 'wasn't necessary' but I was insistant. Well, I convinced him to schedule it two wks later. Had the appointment on Oct 19. The next morning (again while at work..hmmm) I had an attack. I went to my car in the parking lot and waited it out. But I thankfully took my cell phone and hydrocone (pain) pill with me. I called my GI's office while having the attack and screamsed/insisted he call me back with my results of the MRCP since I was in the midst of having another attack! The nurse finally calls me back 1.5 hr later and they say they couldn't find anything!! No stones in my bile duct, nothing. They said if I hadn't taken the protonix to start and come in for followup appt (which is in 2wks). So far, 2 wks and counting, I haven't had an attack. I have had any probs since Oct 20. Thank God!
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My name is Stephanie and I had my gall bladder out in Aug. and I was told this was going to make me feel better. No one told me the problems that you could have after having Gall bladder surgery. I was never sick, or really in pain and definitely did not have dumping spells before the surgery.. Now, I am nauseated and this started about 3 weeks after surgery. I also had an endoscope and they found extra Bile in my stomach and I am also relfuxing it up.. Never had reflux either....before this. Now I am on Questran for the Bile as well as dumping spells and they said that sometimes people get better with time.. But there is nothing that they can do about the bile. I also had a Gastric Emptying done and I was a little backed up which had to be from the surgery. So I am right there with you about being frustrated and not knowing this was what we signed up for. See, I still question why I had my gall bladder out???? I did not have gall stones just had a Ct-Scan to say that I had Gall bladder disease.. Anyway,  I am praying to God to Heal me because I am not getting anywhere with the dr.s I loved my GI dr. until he made a comment to me the other day. He told me that I was SPECIAL to why I was having BIle in my stomach because that is not where it is supposed to be. and I said well am I am going to be nasueated for life and he said I  hope not. SO now I am seeing another GI dr. who  I will not be able to see until Dec. 22. SO please know that You are not a lone and I pray we will be healed. I have twin boys who are 3.5 and it makes me cry to know that I cannot do a lot with them......

PLease let me know what helps you all. You can email me as well. ***@****


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My son and I both have had our gallbladders removed and had several ERCP's & stents. I am managing and my son is having complications. He is experiencing upper right pain and burning, with sharp pain& nausea, he has a hard time eating. We have been in Washington state where he spent a month in the hospital with no results, we are currently at the Mayo Clinic boy are they slow at getting anything done. As I write this we are back in Washington doing more tests all negative. If anyone has any ideas or a better place to go for medical help please e-mail me at ***@****. We are exhausted and frustrated and almost giving up. We get the run around when it comes to managing his pain NO doctors will give him pain medicine they all keep sending us to other doctors and pain clinics.They are afraid of loosing their lright to pratice medicine if they treat him. Any idea where we can seek relief from pain till the doctors maybe some day find the problem???
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Hi Debbie-
I am in Washington State too! Wondering what doctors you have seen here? I had my gallbladder removed in 1997 as I had gallstones and a I also had my spleen removed as I had a tumor on it. I don't have pain, but I have severe acid reflux and a myriad of other problems. I was told last week that it might be the bile coming up. I would love to compare notes on the docs you've been to here. I haven't had much luck with any of the GI's here yet. My e-mail is ***@****.
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hello everyone, this has been a most enlighting read that I have found so far.  let me just start by saying that I am really glad that I was able to find somewhere where i can find out some info.  I came to this site for my dad who has fatty liver and does not know how that outcome is going to be, but then I happened on this one and found it really interesting.  I had my gb removed a week ago.  the first few days of course I felt really bad could not eat then slowly I was able to eat a little on thanksgiving but everytime I do eat I feel sick to my stomach and then I think I dont want to eat no more but then its like now thats all I want to do is eat I have not said any of this to my dr. because I did not think that it was that important, but for anyone out there is this normal after the surgery?  I just hope that everything will go back to normal soon.
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hi everyone,
i am hoping this note finds people getting better. I cannot believe how sick people are after having your gallbladder out. I also was unaware of the complications from having your gallbladder out. I have been to so many doctors and they just keep passing me aroung, the gi doc tells me its female related the gyn doc tells me its gi related and i am so lost not sure where to go next. I was in the gyn office yesterday and i did not feel good at all yesterday very very nauseous. I had to wait forever, finally i knew i was going to vomit and sure enough all over the waiting room, i was so embarrassed but so sick i was not sure what to do. finally someone showed me to the bathroom and i puke so much bile it was everywhere. The gyn doc said see i told you it was gi related, so i am back at square one. I did get into to see the cleveland clinic but its not until jan 26, 06. i guess i have been sick for over 6 months whats 2 more months. My prayers go out to each and every one of you, please keep us posted on how all of you are doing. Karin
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Add one more person to this list of unfortunates who have had problems after gallbladder removal.  I am sympathetic to your plight. I still have problems, mostly after the first meal of the day. It used to be after every time I ate. It didn't matter what I ate or what I avoided. I have mild to moderate stomach upset and an urgency to void. Typically my bowel movement is diahrea (never could spell that word!)with lots of bile. Usually I get an immediate headache while I'm still on the toilet. It's as if something chemical is happening to me. I feel like I've been drained of something critical to my wellbeing. Sounds strange I know. It's so interesting how I get a headache immediately after evacuating. Something is causing me to feel like this.  
Over the last couple of weeks,I have been constipated and forcing a bowel movement, but this morining that's all over and it's back to the norm if that's what you want to call it. I think my thyroid needs a boost. I just had bloodwork done so I'll find out if my supplement needs to be adjusted.
By the way my gallbladder was removed in August of 2004. At the same time I had a hiatus hernia repaired. About 5-6 months ago I started to have chest pain just below the sternum. It is a severe tightening as if someone has a vice grip on me. This comes with no rhyme or reason, out of the blue. I can't connect it with anything. I can have an episode today and one tomorrow,, or not for 4 weeks. It's scary because it feels like a heart attack. As a precaution I had a necular cardiac stress test this Wed. and I'll get confirmation soon that it probably isn't cardiac related. That's what the gastro doc and I think. He is going to have me do a esophageal motility study...it might be that the esophagus is spasming. It also seems to be something with me. I'm 52 and really feeling older than my age these days.  
I hope that we all find out what is going on with our health so we can get back to a normal life. whatever that is!!?!!My best to you all. I live in CT by the way.
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I had my gallbladder out inoct of 2001.....they romoved it laporscopicallly...hmm spelling isn't my best subject....after that surgery they also tied my tubes....in recovery...blood pressure drops...back to surgery...finds a nicked liver...after liver is fixed....emergency surfery to repair the severed artery in the muscle that the surgeon caused when he put in the scope to fix his first mess up........after surgery i went through several months of watery stool that was mostly stomach bile......then several months of constipation.....mother of three....all natural birth...no medicine.....well short story hurt worse to releive myself than to give birth. severe indigestion......gas....and heartburn has been my fate since....lost lots of wieght on purpose....now i have gained it all back....day before thanksgiving...i started having a peircing pain right below the old style scar i ended up with because of the artery repair(thank you Dr d...a..) at first it was only when i ate. now it is always.....went to er....was told that it was just an annoying pain with unlocated originallity...take ibuproven.....come back if you get fever vomit or severe pain.....it hurts to breath.....i am raising 6 children under the age of 10....the pain goes into my back....and across my abdoman....it interveres with my sleep....was hoping find some idea where to start looking for help.......this surgery only seems to bring on new and unusual pains....if you think of anything let me know
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Well, the last time I posted was 11/08/05 re my gall bladder/weight loss/abdominal pain and since then I've have started the Protonix (since changed to Nexxium) and I haven't had any pain attacks in my upper abdoment area. I thought Protonix/Nexxium were for ulcer/GERD (which I have NEVER been diagnosed as having either of them) yet, it seems to be keeping me free from the pain I was experiencing.

I still eat what I want.Breakfast: oatmeal and toast. No more coca-colas everyday. Lunch: salad or chicken sandwich. I've cut back on eating chocolates. Drinks loads of water. I still don't have regular BMs and I am continuing to lose weight. Down from 145 to 130. I asked my GI if I should take Boost or Ensure to gain, he said I might want to try if I was that concerned about trying to gain weight. Someone suggested protein bars. I don't know why I continue to lose. He took blood last week. Called today to say hemoglobin/iron/red blood cells all low. Want me to come in for more labwork. Maybe they're low due to acid suppressant. I'm 5'9" and 130 looks okay, but I look bony. Will let you know what the doc says. ;>)
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Sorry to hear there are so many of us "victims" of GB surgery. Just to update. I am continuing to go downhill. I have started to have pain like before I had my GB removed under the rib cage and between the shoulder blades. Just started about a week ago. Can't really tie it to anything just happens--mainly at night. I am also having bouts of nausea, cramping, and yellow liquid diahhrea (in that order--sorry if TMI) that make me feel like I am about to vomit while on the toilet--have had to grab the garbage pail a few times. I am tired and weak all the time. I have lost a few more lbs. I was at about 110 now I am 105 and I am 5'5". My dr. ordered bloodwork which again came back normal. I am guessing the nausea is caused by exessive bile that may be refluxing into my stomach. I have HORRIBLE heartburn to the point of gagging at times.
Anyways, sorry to ramble but I do hope someone comes up with an answer as to why we are all suffering like this!
Hope you all feel better soon.
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In a strange way I have been comforted reading everyone
s postings, even though we have all had problems since our GB's were removed.  I was completely healthy prior to the removal.  I was at gym, running, felt extreme pain and was rushed to hospital.  There they told me I needed my GB removed immediately.  Prior to this episode, I had not even an hint of problem with my GB.  My digestive system was fine, could eat whatever I wanted.

2 months after my surgery I began having problems.  Severe chest pressure and dull chest pains would come and go (no rhyme or reason), bloatedness, nausia in the morning, constant regurgitation (which i guess is the reflux), felt like a baseball just sitting in my stomach, random coughs..etc..   I've never had digestive problems until know.  as a result, I've developed panic attacts where I feel like I am dying. I also get this fluttering feeling in the center of my chest a few times a day,  it feels like heart, but everone says it is the esophogus.

Does anyone else have that?  It causes alot of stress and panic, cause now I fear something else will go wrong.

I've had stress tests done all was good.  My doctor thinks it's GERD, and medicine seems to help.  What bothers me is that while I like my DR, they seem to dismiss all this as being no big deal.  My surgeon released me 2 hrs after surgery and said life would go back to normal.  No Dr tells you that there are issues after this surgery, but everyone I've talked to that has had this surgery have all had problems.  Sorry to ramble, it helps to know there are others out there waiting for their lives to go back to normal.
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I feel like I've just joined the "Gall Club".  Like so many of you I'm just relieved I'm not the only one going through this.  My symptoms started the 2nd week of September, 05.  Vomiting bile, nausea, etc.  I finally went to the emergency room 10/24/05 and after numerous tests (CT Scan, Ultra Sound, x-rays, finally a test where they ran dye in my veins), it was found my GB was functioning at only 3%.  It was removed 10/26/05, I went home 10/27/05 thinking "thank you, Lord - it's over".  LOL...  On 10/28/05, the symptoms started back over, nausea, vomiting bile, excessive bowel movements, diarrhea.  I went back to the Doctor and have had Upper GI and the Empty Stomach Test, blood work, more x-rays, ultra sound, etc.  Everything came back negative.  Yesterday, I was back to my doctor who is now referring me to a Gastro doc. for Endoscopy and colonoscopy - just like most of you.  It's been 2 1/2 months and I dread eating now - but due to diabetes I have to or my blood sugar soars/plummets.  I'll eat during the day and by 5pm am either pulling over on the road home (I keep a towel in the car) vomiting bile, most times I can make it home.  I eat dinner and am up early in the a.m. vomiting bile from the night meal.  Unlike most of you I am gaining weight and now my hypertension has worsened and have additional meds prescribed.  At this point my med bills are unbelieveable.  I live alone, aside from my 3 minature dachshunds, and have felt so alone with this problem.  It's comforting to know there are others out there in the same "boat".  I do not have much faith these upcoming tests will reveal anything "mind blowing".  Hopefully, some young, zealous, GI intern will see all this and research the problem.  There has to be a common link somewhere and I'm sure there's other's out there that have not discovered this site.  Well, I'll keep you posted and pray for you all.  Keep the faith.
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i've been going though the same thing as most of u. only difference is i had a gastric byass in aug 04. then my gall bladder removed in june 05. in may of this year i had only lost about 110 lbs. had gal bladder removed on june 1. the pain was severe since about an hour after i got home. on june 3 the nausea started back with severe diarreah. on june 5 the pain got even worse. since then i'm down about another 30 lbs. whick makes me look severly sick. i'm tired, but can't sleep, i'm nauseaded and in pain all the time. been to my gp and gastro dr. way too many times. and my gyn because gi thought it was female related. of course it wasn't. and back to the surgeon that did my bypass(which wasn't the same one that did my gallbladder) both my gyn and surgeon said just to keep seeing my gi doc.."he's the best" is what the surgeon keeps saying. the pain is so severe that i've been to the er about 25 times since june. i don't know what to do, cause now the gi dr. thinks i'm drug seeking because he really can't find anything wrong. he did find a dilated bile duct doing the barium ct with intrevenous barium added. but said that because my liver tests are normal he didn't think that was causing any of the pain, nausea or diarreah. the diarreah wakes me up in the early am. and the nausea is constant. the pain is constant unless i have something to help it. i don't know what to do anymore. gi dr. refuses to give anything for pain, which makes it worse because i can't eat when the pain is bad, and the nausea and diarreah is worse when i'm in pain. anyone that wants to email me can i would appreciate any help i can find, i'm in sc so if anyone around here knows a really good gi doc let me know. email addy is ***@**** i'm glad and sad to know i'm not the only one dealing with all this..
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I have been searching for info on gallbladder removal because my 67 year old mom had her gallbladder out 4 weeks ago and for the past 1-2 weeks has been suffering from severe weakness.  She was taken to hospital 3 days ago by ambulance after collapsing from severe weakness, difficulty breathing and she wet herself.  All blood, urine and heart tests come back normal.  Yet she can barely make it through the day.  She is not tired or sleepy, she is extremely weak.  Her temperature is normal.  She is very scared that something very serious is wrong with her.  They sent her home from the hospital saying 'she is fine', but she is definitely not.  She is going for another ultrasound in 2 days.  By the way, when she was diagnosed with gall stones it was due to an ultrasound that showed many stones.  The pathology on her gallbladder after removal said her gall bladder was normal with no stones.  What's up ?  Anyone have either of these problems ?  How can the stones disappear ?

And last but not least, Janiel, I suffered with migraines for 4 months straight about 3-4 years ago.  It was debilitating, and came on so sudden and intense my doctor sent me for a cat scan which came back normal, and yet I suffered so bad from nauseous and vomiting because of the pain.  My doctor could find nothing wrong and just called it 'migraines'.  She finally did a very smart thing and put me on an anti-depressant that at very low doses is a pain blocker, and often cancer patients are given it, I think it was called amitriptylin ???  Anyway, it did the trick and it stopped my migraines.  Sometimes our brains trigger a pain reaction and we need help stopping it, and that's what my doctor explained to me.  I was willing to try anything and everything at that point to make the pain stop and it was the only thing that worked.  I was a bit put off by the word 'antidepressant' but my study showed me that in low doses it can be used as a pain blocker.   Good luck to you all.
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To Oatmeal: I love the name, and totally understand where it came from. Prior to my gall bladder removal I lived on PLAIN oatmeal, no milk, with one Splenda, Roasted chicken and PLAIN baked potatoes! After GB surgery which was followed by an ERCP with Sphincterotomy for removal of a CBD stone and debris, I can now eat Wheaties with Skim milk, and Splenda. Still can't eat fatty meals (pain and nausea) Have reflux and diarrhea. But have just been started on Questran and Protonix..so keeping my fingers crossed! Even with the problems I'm totally glad to be rid of that crummy GB, grateful not to have developed post-ERCP pancreatitis ( I had an awesome doctor in Dallas for the ERCP-thanks Dr.G!) Thanks for the grin-and stay away from oatmeal with Maple and Brown sugar-talk about pain!
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Hello, All:  What a club!  I'm 50, with twin 17 year-old girls.  I too had my gallbladder removed(laproscopically) approx 18 mos ago, and over the past several months, have experienced a "tightness" in my upper right abdomen that goes around my rightside to the middle of my back, accompanied by a rapid weight loss.  Lately a little nausea, but only minor.  Also, the top of my stomach seems sunken.  Had colonoscopy, negative; small intestine contrast e-ray (drank that bad stuff), negative.  My Doc was recommending a stomach emptying test, but actually listened to me and wants to schedule first a CT scan with and without contrast, after I expressed concern about my pancreas.  (Web searches produce 85% symptoms similar to pancreatic cancer.  Compounding situation, I've had Harrington rods to correct scoliosis for over six years, but the problem seems to me to be more related to organs than hardware.)  CT scan appointment would be weeks away, and I felt so bad on Saturday and yesterday almost went to the ER.  While my symptoms have not been as severe as those you've reported above, did anyone have more gradual worsening?
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HI! I am new to this sight but am very pleased to see that I am not the only one going through misery after having their gallbladder removed, for awhile I have been feeling all alone. My story may be long but it's the truth and may help you. I 19 years old. I had my gallbladder removed ten years ago when I was only 10 years old. Lets start out by saying this is not a normal surgery for someone as young as I was. Back then I didn't really realize what this ment or how it would effect me, well unforunatly now I do. After my surgery, my doctor told me to minimize my fat intake, basically be on a strict diet. Well lets just say I didn't realize how serious this advice would be up until the last 6-7 years. Over the years I have been back to visit the doctor who gave my surgery at least 3 times. All do to the pain I have after eating fatty foods. After eating something like a simple burger or even a salad w/ a creamy dressing I immediatly have to the bathroom, which is usually loose stools that have a lot of yellowy liquid(bile). Along w/ dirrhea is bad pain. Pain that makes me want to curl over while on the tolit going. Once I'm done going the pain is gone but I feel like I am drained from going. It's ridiculous and it's embarrising. Especially for someone of my age. Luckily I have had the same boyfriend for six years ( I love him)...and he understands what I go through and doesn't make fun of me....I mean like 90% of the time when we get done finishing going out to eat I have to rush to a bathroom. Sometimes I can't make it home and have to run in somewhere else. I told the doctor and he said even though it seems like I'm digesting the food I just ate it's actually my meal before that but who care it doesn't change anything. Well as a teenager it's been hard managing my fat intake. I mean not many yound people do. I'm not in bad health either. I'm 5'2 and about 130. I just hate the fact that I had to have this out at such a young age and suffer these results so early in life. Oh and have I mentioned I have already had acid result as a result many times. The doctor mentioned putting me on medicine to control the loose stooles w/ bile and pain I have when going the bathroom (aka.irribile bowl syndrome) but theres many complications w/ taking it at such a young age. I was on the purple pill(nexium) but I got off it and have just been eating better. I didn't really how strict this diet had to be up until now. Not to make this any longer but now I have just been to the doctors today and I may have a chance of gout in my foot. Another thing you don't see in young adults or children. Really only men over 40 or women after menopause. Well I'm praying I don't and I will find out Sat(12/17/05). For me to have this at such a young age I asked the doc if my removal of my gallbladder could have had an impact on gout and he said yes. I did some researching and gout has to do w/ the breaking down of an enzyme. blah, blah ,blah...just like not having a gallbladder our bodies sometime don't break down all our enzymes. well anyways for whoever took the time to read this I'm sorry it's so long but I had a lot on my mind over this discomfort. I mean it's the holidays and I can't even enjoy food the way everyone else can but it's good to know there are other suffers but I do have sympathy for your pain too. Has anyone else out there had their gallbladder out at a young age???? Bottom line if you want to get rid of your pain don't eat nothing w/ fat( which is like everyithing lol) and pray!!!!
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