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weight loss worry

  Dear Doctor: Since May of '98 i have had intermittent stomach pain which does respond to nitro...it is located just under my sternum and feels like someone just punched me real hard in the "breadbasket" this was always after eating a fatty meal, after 2 ER visits and thallium stress test, I've been told not to worry about my heart...but then in Jan.'99 i started to have RUQ pain, radiating to the back, nausea,constipation for about 4-5 days followed by 2 days diarrhea,extreme fatigue, 40 pound weight loss since July'98 without dieting...i also have been diagnosed with Menieres syndrome last Nov...i can only tolerate low-fat foods due to the RUQ pain...and now it seems eating meat flares up the stomach pain...i boiled chicken breast until tender then broiled it with salt and pepper...about 3 hours later i was awakened with severe pain which i had to take nitro to control it...i have had an ultrasound for my gallbladder and it was neg...also a HIDA scan which showed normal...although the tech doing the scan said my GB visulized real good but then sat there not dumping for over an hour, he gave me the cck and it made me very sick and he only gave me 1/2 the dose required as the gallbladder to him wasen't working...but the test came in to my doctor as normal??? so i sit here afraid to eat and have to see a gastroenterologist now on april 26th! more then a month away...if i dont eat just have little spurts of pain, now im on bentyl which has helped a great deal..i am very obese (287) was 320 so i guess the weight loss is a nice side effect for me but isen't that a sign of cancer? Any ideas on what this all could be? my blood test show no diabetes..almalyse(spelling)for pancreitis was normal, also very thirsty all the time but can't seem to tolerate water very well???? coffee i drink black with no proplem??I'm getting worried,so very tired and this is not "all in my head" as my primary doc has made me feel it is...the gastro. doctor im sure will do more tests but does this sound like cancer to you?? thank you...sharon lynette.
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Dear sharon,
There are many possible causes for your symptoms.  The profound weight loss and diarrhea are worrisome and require earlier evaluation than the end of April.  Contact you rdoctor to see if earlier workup is possible.  You should ask you rdoctor about CT scans of the abdomen and small intestine barium studies to exclude other causes for your problem.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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