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what are these pains????????????

i am 22 years old and suffer from severe abdominal pains which radiate into my back and to my ribs.
i find it is worse after eating , my stomache swells up and the pain is so bad i can barely walk.
so when i do get it i end up laying on my back with my knees tucked into my tummy(i get slight relief from this).
i have just had a baby and am now expecting again in september.
my doctor told me it is pregnancy and not to worry , but i have suffered with it for longer than that and it is not getting better , as a matter of fact its getting a lot worse.
he told me if i am still suffering in a week or two hell send me for a scan on my abdomen.
i know there is more to it than this and cant go on no longer , i need to know what it is so i can treat it a.s.a.p.
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Have you been checked for gallstones? I had these same symptoms (and the pain felt very much like childbirth) and it was gallstones.

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thanks for your message and yes that had crossed my mind and the doctors(only cause i mentioned it)
i will be having a scan soon and all will be revealed!!!
what are the cures ?
are there any medicines i can buy over the counter while i wait?
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Joanna, I have suffered from the symptoms you describe. I had te servere gas pain that started in my stomach and went into my back, my stomach bloated to the point I thought it was going to explode, the pain was so severe I thought it would kill me. I went though all kind of tests, they did find a hiatal hernia. I also found out that many foods I consumed caused alot of my problems, especially green peppers, so I have since cut out the green peppers and all other foods that caused the bloating. I havent had another attack since. I found that it took my own investigating to know what food were causing the problem, it can be a little frustrating at first, till you know for sure what foods are the culprits. Believe me its worth the trouble. Too, much caffeine isnt good either and can add to the problem. If I were you, I'd ask your doctor get some test done, to be sure nothing serious is going on. Ask for a upper GI series, and possibly a endoscopy, even if they dont see anything in the upper GI, they may see something in the endoscopy, (thats how my hiatal hernia was found). It will give you peace of mind, at the least. You may have to wait till your baby is born,to get the tests I mentioned, I'm not sure if they will do them when your pregnant. But, you can still do the process of elimination, and find out if the foods you are eating cause the problem. One last word of advice, STRESS is another culprit, if you're under alot of stress, try to eliminate it to the best of your ability! Good Luck and let me know how thing work out. You can email me at ***@**** :)
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Have you had a doctor check your Gallbladder?

My wife just had 2 children in two years.  She would take Ant-acid, Mallox, Phazeme, everything.  Then she began having severe stomach pain that eventually sent her to the hospital.  The ER doctor touched on her stomach/Gallbladder and she almost yelled in pain.  They diagnosied her with Galstones and she had to have her Galbladder removed.

I have found out that pregnant women suffer from Galstones.  Especially after being pregnant.

One thing I found out from my wife is that she knew what was going on with her body better than any doctor, trust your own instincts instead of what your doctor saids.  Get a second opinion.

You don't have to have your OB check this, a GP will push on your Galbladder during a Physical.

If you want to know more my email is ***@****
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dear linda
thanks for your reply it has helped me a lot and i do understand that i will have ot wait tilll i have this baby first.
so are there any over the counter remedies?
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On January 1st I had the worst pain ever.  I was 7mo pregnant.  I thought that it was just the baby sitting on a nerve or something.  The pain lasted for 1hr-2hrs long.  I knew that it wasnt the baby so i didnt go to the hospital.  I asked by ob and he said that it was just the pregnancy.  After i had my baby boy,  about a week later i had another attack.  I have had a total of around 10 attacks.  It was worse than having a baby.  The pain starts in the front and wrapes around the back.  After the baby I went to my regular doctor and he says that it could be gallstones.  Blood tests were done and the liver enzymes were high.  A ultra sound was done and nothing was found. He did more blood work and the liver enzymes still came out high.  He is sending me to an Upper GI and he said more than likely I will have to have a tube put down my throat and spread dye and see where the problem may be.  What else coukd it be?????????
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Joanne,  I just had a baby feb 24 and starting jan 1 i was having the same symptoms that you were and the doctor said the same thing.  My primary doctor is sending me to ab upper GI.  The ultra sound that i had done should nothing
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it could be that you may have a heutal hernia and the diagnosis is only given when a upper GI is done.
i am awaiting to have all these test done as i feel i cant take it any longer.
good luck anyway and keep me posted.
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Get a new doctor.  My niece just had a baby, and had the same pain.  Her doctor said her bowel had twisted, and needs surgery before she can get pg again. please get a second opinion before you kill yourself
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While all these suggestions mentioned previously are good sugestions, keep in mind it could be something as simple as IBS(irritable bowel syndrome). My suggestions to you would to go to a Gastroenterologists and recieve some simple tests. The tests for IBS are not as complicated as Hiatal hernia and Gallstones, in fact the hemoccult test (smears your feces on a ph changing card) tells many things about the digestive tract and colon. Pregnancy puts alot of strain on your digestive system and things are easily pushed, poked, and pulled out of regular place, inabling them to function normally.
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it may be that you have crohns disease or colitis.  you may want to ask your doc about it
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Have the Dr. check for gallstones! I had a similar pain off and on for months before the Dr.'s figured it out. The pain starts in your right shoulder kind of achey. Then moves to the front and centers it self at your breast bone and moves through your ribs it almost feels like something is pulling your chest cavity apart. My pain usually lasted between 30 minutes to 1 hour. And it gets very intence and can make you very nocious. Stay away from and foods that have any fat in them! My pain started 1 week after my second child was born, they say that the hormones can cause it to act up. Good luck and e-mail me if you want to chat(***@****)
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