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what to do about ibs.?

I have been told by 3 drs. that I have irritable bowl syndrome. I am 41 yrs. old, 2 children, complete hysterectomy, tonsils out, appendix out and a hernia fixed. My question is they tell me to take imodium ad for the diarehha. Well that works for the next 2 days but it kills you when you do go to the bathroom. One minute I am fine the next minute I have to take off flying to the bathroom, or end up having an accident. Does anyone have any suggestions or some advice. My life is pretty much on hold and I don't like it. What about an allergy test?
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I have IBS and my DR. gave me Librax, it works wonderfully. However it is a medicationt hat helps anxiety/ulcers also. It ultimatley got rid of my IBS, at least the frequency of getting an attack. Talk to your DR. about Librax.

Good Luck
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