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GERD/Heartburn: Advances in the Treatment of Severe GERD
Wednesday Apr 07, 2010, 05:00PM - 06:00PM (EST)
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A related discussion, morning sickness (NOT pregnant) was started.
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I have been getting constant bowel movement feeling even after going to the toilet, and I end up going to the toilet at least 3-4 times to empty my bowel.
I do get a bit of gas in the evenings.
My stool is generally not formed.
There are also times when I get constipated

I am not sure what I should do about this, is there a remdy to flush my intestines or bowel cleansing solution that I could use?
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i have had pain on my lower right abdominal area right under my belly button. the pain seems to be at its worst when i have a full bladder or have to have a bm. this pain started like 3 weeks ago and it will not go away. i have been very nausea and have had the worst heartburn that it makes me skin. i have also just been told that my liver enzymes are very elevated. i have not had a period scenes September, but over all i am a very healthy but this pain is starting to become to much when its bothering me in my sleep.
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