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hello I am writting this about my daughter. she is 18. "angel" has had cronic vomiting.  she has been hospitalised 2 x once at 7 and once at 14 for vomiting. Angel has had a multitude of includeing a upper and lower GI, and a necular "egg" study.  a colon biosopy. testing for celiac disease was normal. diabeties normal, and psycitrac which showed depression.    Gastroparsis seems to be a sympotom of a disease.  
what we have learned is that after 4 hours less then 1/2 of the "egg" passed into the intestin.
also that she does not have lactase. NONE
so heres the 2 questions.

                        A. what diseases or disorders will cause this condition and what kind of help do I try to get for her. the GI doc seemed to go as far as her was willing to go.
                       B. Could this be caused by VLCFAD or LCFAD  long-chain fatty acid disorder, if so is that genetic??

angels other symptoms include:
headache, abdominal pain,  Low tone EXTREME FATIGUE (she will sleep untill she is awoke.... not untill then no matter how long she has been asleep. 16+ hours. moodiness, visual disterbences, constipation, back pain.thank you for your time kathy
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I'm sorry for your daughter's vomiting, that's awful.  Gastroparesis is a symptom which is difficult to diagnose with more than half of those seeking care not finding a reason for their vomiting, if it's not one of these common causes:
Diabetes mellitus
Scleroderma and other connective tissue diseases
Iatrogenic disorders (past medicines or surgeries)
Neurologic disease
Psychiatric disease
Rumination syndrome

It takes a gastroenterologist who is willing to continue to look into reasons for this, with the possible tests that help being:
Exclude mechanical obstruction or mucosal disease (barium or upper endoscopy)
Scintigraphic gastric emptying
Alternatives to scintigraphy ( MRI or {13C}-labeled acetate- and -octanoic acid breath tests or spirulina )
Smart pill
Autonomic testing
Research tests in patients with gastric stasis (cutaneous electrogastrogram (EGG),
electronic barostat , Single photon emission computed tomography PET scans )

I'm sorry that I don't know anything about VLCFAD or LCFAD  long-chain fatty acid disorder, and it looks like these tests I've mentioned may be more helpful to look into first.

Enoch Choi, MD
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please visit, truthaboutgardasil.org.  My daughter has been vomiting for over 9 months now along with every other symptom that you have listed.  Her name is Ashlee and she is on the injuries continued page of the site.  And please contact the moderator of that website...she is a mom of a gardasil injured girl too.  Good luck and may God keep you in his care!  Laurie
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If it is gastroparesis stay away from a drug called Reglan it is know to cause tardive dyskonesia and that is a permanent and very uncomfortable. There is a substitute of it from Canada that is much better and safer it is called Domperidone you still need a prescription to send them and a credit card too it is not very expensive especially if it works for her, sounds like you need to talk to the doc and see how they feel about that.
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Hi!  I came across your post and thought OMG this is my daughter to a tee. My 14 year old has for the past 2 years had unexplained gastro issues. She has been diagnosed with pancreatitis, gastritis etc.  In actuallity my daughter has gastroparesis.  She is having a flair up now and she is in the hospital and I have done extensive research and have come up with the Mayo Clinic.  My daughter needs to see a motility expert.  There a reasons why my daughter and yours are getting the gastroparesis.  We seem to think that our daughter has a metabolic problem, like thyroid... but dont know for sure yet.  I am in contact now with Mayo trying to set up an appt.  Hopefully this helps you out a bit, Any questions please let me know and good luck. KIM
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For gastroparesis you need a gastroenterologist. For ME or CFS you will need a doctor who actually believes this illness exists and that is not very easy. I can only suggest you ask your family doctor to point you in the right direction.

Also, have you considered that your daughter might be intolerant of certain foods? If she is then it certainly could cause the symptoms she is getting. You will need to find someone who specialises in this and maybe your family doctor could point you to the right person. In the meantime you could try her without any dairy or gluten at all as these are often the main culprits.

Other than that she may be sensitive to things in the environment but this will no doubt be considered by a doctor who specialises in ME and CFS.

Good luck.
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M.E.? and what kind of doctor would that be? what kind of doc manages gastroparesis? she was dx in Riley hospital but is now an adult and I am unclear how to get follow up care for her.
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I don't know whether it will help you but gastroparesis is a disease it is not a symptom. You need to find a doctor to help her manage gastroparesis.
She may also have chronic fatigue syndrome otherwise known as M.E. in fact this can cause gastroparesis so maybe you need a doctor who is an expert on ME.
Good luck
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