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upper abdominal pain

I have been going to the doctor now for around 3months for stomach pains. It started out diarriah then after a few days started having sharp pains that seemed to move from upper right to upper left and down each side sometimes, never everywhere at once it seemed to systematically move around. The diarriah lasted for around 7- 10 days the pains around 2 weeks, diarhia went from watery to a sludge then back to normal then the pains went away. I had a ct scan during this time and all it showed was a fatty liver and blood work showed liver emzymes were high and tryglicerites were high.So I went on a high fiber low fat diet really paid attention to what I ate and lost 15 lbs, felt real good with normal stools for about 5 weeks or so. Then I got watery diarhia again that lasted 10days but after 3 days no matter what I ate or how much or what I ate it was like it turned into cement and my stomach hurt to move around I just wanted to lay down, never felt like I was going to throw up just felt super full.Then the stomach fullness went away but still having diarhia, then my right side under my rib cage started hurting bad, movement seemed to effect it at times and it seemed to affect my back under my shoulder blade. This lasted lasted for about 3 or 4 days. I had no pains on left side or lower. On about day 10 stools started to go back to normal and the pain on right side went back down to just a nagging dull ache. After about a week of dull ache on upper right only I started getting the sharp stabbing pains pains on left the side around the ribs and down the both sides while still having pains on right side almost like a shock .The pains seemed to move around like the first time ,a few times I coughed or would move  just right I would get these sharp stabbing pains.During this bout I had a sonogram which was normal then a hida scan which was normal,on blood test amylase was14 with range of 29-103  total bilirubin was1.3 range .1-1.0 direct bilirubin was.27 range 0.0-.20
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The tests you had doesn't point to a significant GI disease. With the continuing diarrhea, a colonoscopy normally would be the next step.  This would exclude inflammatory bowel disease or anatomical causes for the loose stools.  

Sending the stool off for malabsorption analysis can be done, as well as blood tests for celiac disease.  

If the test remain negative, irritable bowel disease would be a consideration.  Pro-biotic therapy, anti-spasmodic agents, or antibiotics are all treatment possibilities if this is the cause.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I hope you can give me a word of encouragement Dr.
Have recently seen my MD.  I had an ultra Sound on abdomin and pelvic.
Nothing bad showed up

Then a CT scan of same area.  Diverticulosis showed up.

After that a Barium drink and more tests were taken.
This time it showed a bowel inflamation in the duodedum.

This morning a little blood showed on TP ( normal bm )
8 years ago I had a colonoscopy and 4 polyps removed which were benign.
I am late getting back as my 5 year time period was taken up with kidney stones for 4 years and a lot of " stone crushing" went on.  Then a daughter got leukemia and many trips were made cross country for over a year.
Through all of this I had constant diaharrea.

I have an appointment with gastro doctor but can not see him until 27th of this month.
What I want to know is does the diverticulosis or the bowel inflamation cause bleeding?
I do not have hemmeroids.
Help me if possible and thank you kindly.
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Hi, I’m a 39 year old male experiencing the same symptoms. And just like you trying to get answers. I was wondering if your symptoms are accompanied by back pain and muscle twitching or joint pain. Any information would be of help and forever greatly appreciated.

thank you
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Hi - I am afraid you can't "piggy back" on someone else's paid post to get answer from Dr. Pho. You have to make your own post and pay the fee, $16.  However, you could try posting on the Gastroenterology Community forum, and someone may help you there.
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