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Barrier Tape

Barrier tape is a "niche" item, useful for a municipality, but low on the list of priorities for an individual. It is sold in 3/4 in, two-inch and three-inch widths, in various colors, with various messages, in lengths of from 150 foot to 1000 foot.

I don't recommend the 3/4 inch. It breaks too easily (100 pounds breaking strength) and cannot be seen well.

The waterproof two-inch and three-inch rolls sell for from ten dollars (U.S.) to twenty-five dollars.

They sell plastic dispensers and retrieving units, if you want to re-use it.

It is especially useful for marking off dangerous areas containing toxic substances, sinkholes, ditches, closed roads, or elevator shaftways and mineshafts.

It can be used to guide people through flooded areas to indicate a safe, shallow passageway, but they should be cautioned not to grab and break the tape. In the military it is used to mark safe areas through minefields.

It may also be used in conjunction with clothesline to mark the route to a latrine, for example.

If used to close off a road a double barrier is preferred, with one row a foot or so above the other. Short lengths can be tied or duct-taped between the two rows at three-four foot intervals. Ideally this should be supplemented by a hard barricade.

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