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Death on impact - Pain?

I know it's a strange question, but I'm curious as to whether or not a person feels pain if he or she is killed almost instantaneously in an accident. If someone is hit by a bus, for example, and dies on impact, does he or she feel pain for an instant before dying?

Thanks very much!
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Hello leavesantaalone,

This seems like a reasonable question to me, and one that I can answer, though I caution that I only have personal experience as a source. No studies, plans, tests, etc., only what happened to me, more than once.

I have had two NDEs (Near Death Experiences). Once from a hang gliding crash, the other from an overdose, and a third, less pronounced one from a motorcycle crash. The quality of information from these experiences is highest in order. The motorbike crash was not that close, and the OD had, necessarily other mood altering factors involved. The hang glider crash was the real thing for sure, though I was clinically "dead" for longer from the OD.

My short answer is No. Quite the opposite in fact. I felt very pronounced time dilation, meaning everything was in super slow motion. It was remarkable peaceful actually. To describe in detail is a very challenging task and I have tried many times, but  it is a rare thing and there is just not the vocabulary for it, was my conclusion. It only hurts, in the pain sense, after. When you wake up in the hospital, and days or weeks later, then you feel pain, not when it happens, not even a little.

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I have to agree with p&F , thepain comes after , when you wake up in the Emergency/ICU. At the moment of impact be it Hang Glider , Motorcycle , Car Accident , or jumping your dirt bike 40 meters over a 80 meter deep ravine and being caught by wind gust.Didn't feel a thing & had to be told where I was & what I'd done to get there , & didn't really believe any of it until I saw the video. When I saw the tape my first words were "that guys dead isn't he ?" Only to be told "Thats you" next word "F***!"
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