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Disaster preparedness?

I'm just confused. This forum says it is disaster preparedness forum but I see all these posts about assorted medical disorders. Did this forum accidentally get blended with another one?
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Hi mamaboulet,

The forum is actually about disaster preparedness, focusing on health and medical care before a disaster. Many people misunderstand the title and some believe it is about "preparing for a catastrophic, personal health event", or something similar.

If you believe a question/discussion has been miscategorized, I suggest you click on the "Report this" link at the bottom-right of the initial discussion and click on "Miscategorized". Hopefully a system administrator will move the discussion into the correct category.

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to start any discussion about disaster preparedness in this category!

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This forum needs management. Most of the topics are in the wrong forum, and nobody is talking to anyone. Since the last "spamming episode", the post dates are all bungled up.

This place needs a janitor.  
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