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Generating Emergency Water

One method to obtain water in a survival situation is through condensation.

The equipment necessary are:

(1) A shovel
(2) A container to hold the water (a two quart stainless steel pot with handle works well)
(3) A small stone
(4) A plastic tarp six-foot by six-foot

You dig a hole approximately four feet by four feet by three and a half-foot deep.

Place the container you will use to collect the water in the middle.

Place the CLEAN plastic tarp over the hole. It is best to have an unopened plastic tarp in it's original package. Air it out on a clothesline for a while before use.  Put a small stone in the middle.

Let the tarp settle into the hole so it is above, but not quite touching the water collection container. Ideally, the angle of the plastic should be about forty-five degrees.

Now use earth to seal around the top of the tarp, so no air can leak in on any side.

Water will not collect underneath the plastic and drip down to the holding container. A two quart stainless steel pot wioth a handle makes a good collection container.

Every 24 hours, lift one end of the tarp, reach down, and retrieve your water.

This apparatus will yield one liter of water "plus" per day.

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This is an excellent way to produce water when all else fails. I have used and still do emergency water tablets. An unopened container of water tablets will last for 3 years. Wait time is anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending upon brand you get.

I've had to use these in several situations where flooding ocurred and there was no drinking water. Also used these out hiking with no problems. Bottles of tablets can run for a couple of dollars up to 10 or 20 bucks a bottle. Again depends on who and how much you want. I have these in all my emergency gear.
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do you have to treat the water after you collect it?
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His3707 - You pose an excellent question.

Theoretically, no, as the product is distilled, however the underside of the sheet is very likely to be contaminated with some bacteria.

This is a true "emergency" method and you might not have enough water to allow you to boil some off. I have drank from steams in the wilderness numerous times without getting sick, and without using boiling or purification tablets.

Prudence and an attorney would undoubtedly state "always boil", but I'd probably just drink it.
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