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Instructions to Kids - FIRE

Little children, when frightened, often go into a closet or hide under the bed when they smell smoke. It is critical for children to be instructed to (1) Yell for mom! Give the alarm! Don't be afraid to call HELP! (2) Leave the apartment or home immediately, taking little brother or sister with them (3) close all doors behind them (4) When outside, find an adult or go to a fire alarm box. Tell them NEVER to go back inside!  A next door neighbor is someone to tell them to go to.  If there are people inside go to the doorbell and keep ringing it. Again and again and again. Tell them not to stop until help arrives. When help arrives tell them to go to the police or fire officer and tell them what happened. Show them where the smoke or fire is. It is important to tell them they will never be punished for being scared and calling everybody when they smell smoke. If they get older, tell them NEVER to hesitate to call 911 on the telephone of pull a fire alarm if they need help, or if they see some elses life is in danger.

Older children should be put through "drills" simulating an emergency, knowing their address and the closest intersecting street, and have them make a make-believe call to 911 or go to a nearby fire-alarm box. If they stay at a relatives house, make sure they know the drill there, know the address, and how to get out of the building.
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