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Power Out - Trapped in Elevator

In a power outage there is a liklihood people will be trapped in elevators that suddently stop.

Most elevators have an emergency battery operated lighting system. The intercom (if installed) may not work. Call for assistance with your cell phone.

The main rule is to WAIT for professional professional assistance and not attempt to open doors and escape by yourself. This means wait for the fire department.   In a big city with many elevators this may take a while.  Do not allow the maintenance man to persuade you to crawl through the door he has just partially opened with the key.

The FIRST thing to do is to pull the red button that stops the elevator. If the fireman arrives and open the doors the elevator might suddenly move if the power comes on. Pulling that button out prevents this.

All elevators have an emergency power shut off, usually in the basement, that the building maintenance people should know how to reach. Remind them of this when they come to rescue you.

Be patient. You may have to (unfortunately) wait several hours.  In a large city there will be a backlog of calls.

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