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Reflective Vests
Reflective vests save lives. No if's, ands, or butts. You need one (perhaps two)  folded up in the glove compartment of your car as of yesterday. The vest does NOT belong in the trunk or in the disaster preparedness kit at aunt Tillie's.

There are many available today, ranging in price from $4.00 to $30.00 U.S. dollars. The internet has many sites that sell them at a discount.

They now have them with small blinking LED's. You can be creative if you like gadgets, but the inexpensive unlighted ones are within the parameters of acceptability.

Some are "certified" and more reflective than others. I prefer the yellow. They also sell reflective bands to wear wound the wrist or ankles.

If you break down at night on a highway, or stop to give aid, or have to walk along a highway with no shoulder, that reflective vest will mean the difference between life and death.

Put the purchase of one on your list of "things to do".
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