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Signaling with Lightsticks

Lightsticks should be carried by every camper and on ever boat. They have been discussed on
another post.

The method for using a lightstick for signaling an aircraft is to attach the lightstick to
a length of parachute cord, or more easily available, a shoelace. Most varieties of
lightstick have an attachment point for this purpose.

The shoelace is attached and the lightstick is activated, then swung in an circle, so the
pilot sees a "circle of light". The cord length should be about two feet.

The lightstick doesn't weight much and you will do better in wind to attach a weight
such as college ring, or bolt to the end of the cord. Two lightsticks weigh a bit more,
and will be visible from a longer distance.

The best nsignal is an "intermittant" signal. That is swing for ten seconds, then take a few seconds break, then
swing again.
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