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Waterproofing Cell Phones and Radios

There are two new processes available to waterproof cellphones and portable radios should prove useful to first responders.

These involve coating the cellphone with a coating of invisible water-repelling nano-polymers.
The devices are placed in a sealed chamber, the air vacummed out and a carbon-based
gas is injected. The vapor solidifies onto a coating less than the thickness of a human hair.
When water hits the surface it beads up and falls off. There are two companies currently offering this process,
Hz0 in Utah and Liquipel in California. Liquipel covers the external and internal parts such as processors and sensors. For a small fee (currently about $60) you ship them your electronic device (it does not have to be disassembled), they treat and return. Hz0 alleges than an Iphone can be submerged more than four hours in water
after treatment and still function perfectly. Unfortunately they do not have FDA authorization
to treat medical devices.
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