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My fiance has just left me for another woman and im 35 weeks pregnant how do i survive all of this without having a breakdown
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I'm really sorry to read this.  Such a hard situation to be in.  Break ups are always hard but coupled with being betrayed as they cheat on you and go off with someone else AND being pregnant?  Wow.  Very sorry.  You WILL survive though.  You are strong and while this poses challenges, you can do this!  You are about to have a baby.  Stay focuses on that.  How is your support system?  Is your mom around?  Have sisters or aunts or good friends?  Now is the time to reach out.  And while this is hard, the shmuck who left you is still the baby's dad so encourage his being in the child's life and bonding with baby.  (and collect child support!).  We're here for you sweetie.  Let us know how we can help!
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