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Is it normal to feel suicidal after my break up? I have been depressed and I want the stabbing feeling in my heart to stop. I loved him more than anything. Im starting to self inflict and thats not me or normal. I need him to love me again.
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Hi there.  I'm so so sorry you are hurting hon.  I've been there too.  Face down on the carpet hurting.  I want you to undetrstand that this is temporary.  It hurts really bad right now but you WILL feel better.  

You need to try to stay active and with other people.  And if you are depressed, please talk to your doctor about this.  Depression is treatable.  It would be hard to recover from a hard break up under the cloud of depression, so treat clinical depression always!

And if you are indeed having thoughts of self harm or doing it in anyway, you need to immediatly find help.  There are hot lines that you can call to talk to people trained to help you.  Please do that.

I had such deep hurt and pain over a broken relationship but that was years ago.  Now I'm married 12 years to a wonderful man with 2 kids.  Life goes on and things happen for a reason.  You will find someone else to love, I promise.  

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