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How do I survive w/o my Partner, companion, aka husband

A commercial for the movie "Sinister", coming out Friday came on the tv. My instant thought was, omg that looks awesome, can't wait to see that with...:'( oh ya thats right, no more movie nights with my husband, now that we live apart and he is with another woman... We have always shared a mutual obsession for horror films, even the ones we know are goin to suck, the first date night after we got married was, Insidious, and our one yr wedding anniversary we saw, Cabin in the Woods. This mutual passion was one of the very first bonds we formed. No one around me can even slightly tolerate my taste in movies. As our relationship deteriorated, we stopped going to movies, or anything we once had in common, even fighting if the other suggested doing one of the activities that once connected us. I miss him, and us so much. I miss my partner,companion, friend, love
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I'm sorry for Your sadness.  My heart is heavy for You.
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Well, if it helps (and it might not), you don't miss the guy that exists in reality today, who fought with you and left you, you miss the idealized version of your history.  It's easier to get over missing someone when you realize you aren't really in love with the person who exists in real life now, but with a picture in your mind.

ps -- A good way to meet a guy who likes cheap horror films is to go to a cheap horror film on a Saturday afternoon.
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I too am very sorry.  It is really really hard to move on after we've developed a life with somone.  Even if we wanted the seperation, it is still hard to leave the 'good' parts of a relationship let alone if we don't want the seperation.

Anniebrook has a good idea for when you are ready.  No rush for that but you will meet someone else to share your passions with.  

Peace sweetie
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I agree with the others and especially the idea that you're missing something that no longer exists.  Don't let going alone to the movies stop you from enjoying the horror movies, you may meet someone who enjoys them as well!
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