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How to quit from depression after divorce?

My husband has cheated on me after we've been together for almost 4 years... He said that he was drunk and it's not count as an affair. He also insisted on visiting family therapist, but I filed for divorce.  anyway...There are three months passed already, yet I'm still depressed. Should I saved those relationships? For me, cheating is the point where you can't rebuild back your trust in partner. I have to move forward but I don't know how... I'll be thankful for any advice given.
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Ahh, I'm sorry you are going through this.  This is such a difficult time of year.  Taking the steps to end a marriage is hard but can be the best thing for you.  It hurts now but this is an opportunity to take back your life.  Now, I don't know the particulars.  Did your ex cheat?   I agree that is the ultimate betrayal. Some couples are able to work through it and stay together but many just can't.  Did you try therapy or anything?  

But regardless, this is a time of year in which the blues happen to almost everyone!  The let down after Christmas leaves a lot of us feeling a bit sad. And to have had a major loss, which a divorce is, I so feel for you!  We are here to chat ANY time!
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Hi, I wanted to check back in and see how you are doing.  Holidays are a tough time and we're here for you, sweetie.  
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I can't tell you if your marriage could have been saved, or if you should have even tried.

I can tell you that being drunk doesn't make it not count. I mean, his penis was still involved with someone other than you, right? It's not a good sign that he's trying to minimize it, and not fully understand what his cheating has done to you and your marriage. And if being drunk means it doesn't count, does that mean he thinks he can do it again the next time he's drunk?

It's also only been a few months, and in the middle of the holidays, so give yourself some time. If you think a therapist for yourself would help, don't hesitate to get a therapist of your own.

And make an appointment to get STD testing.
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