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We've all been through them.  They hurt.  They make us doubt ourselves, our future. They make us mad, sad.  So many emotions.  And the more you have intertwined your life with someone, the more complex a break up can be.  I thought we could list TOP WAYS TO GET OVER A BREAK UP.

**  take time to mourn.  It's very important to go ahead and feel the loss.  There is no way around it.  Allow yourself to be sad for a bit.  NOTE:  should you have signs of depression such as having 2 weeks of more of not being able to function, feeling hopeless, sleep disturbance among other things, please talk to your doctor.  Situational depression can happen and a break up can be a trigger.  Treatment is available.  It's hard to recover from a break up with the dark cloud of clinical depression hanging over your head.

*** take stock.  Every relationship has good and bad.  Sometimes we really glamorize things when they end.  The other person seems perfect and what we had was irreplaceable. This is romanticizing things rather than looking at them realistically.  The truth is, we have to understand the flaws in the relationship and faults of our partner and how they brought out good and bad in us to make sure we do not repeat similar patterns.  We want each person to be better than the last one until we find our forever partner.  So, we have to learn from the experience.

***  Stay busy.  This is an obvious thing but try not to isolate yourself. Plan things.  Best if you are with good friends initially who understand you are going through a hard time but do NOT spend the whole time ruminating over the break up.  Do active things.

*** speaking of active. Work out.  This is the bodies natural stress reliever and is so very good for us.  
***!!!  /do not immediately try to date anyone!!  So many make this mistake.  

I'll add more and if anyone else wants to chime in, please do!
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