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Why can't i take the final step and move on?

Okay, i have been married for 5 years ans the last 3 years since the birth of my son, our relationship have really change. The fights kept rising and sometimes i still don't know why am not leaving him. Maybe am afraid to do so. Ii know my parents will give me their support but i don't want to go to their place and my dad is seriously ill. I feel lost because i somehow feel dependent on my husband through not financially. Have any of you gone through this. How did you-make your decision?
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I'm sorry you are having a hard time.  I do think that the toddler years are stressful for couples.  I know it was a hard time for my husband and I.  Just less time for each other, more time being tired, more things to irritate you with more in your lives.  Would a marriage counselor be something you'd try to try to salvage things?  
Specialmom i really need your advice.
Counselling is not something he want to do. We got in a huge fight last week because he was chatting with a woman on fb. I was not the jealous type but i got real angry when i saw that they wanted to meet. I had ask him to stop it right away and end up sending a message to that woman asking her to back off. It did not work because they continued to talk with each other and then mu husband deletes the messages so that i don't see. I got angry and told her that she is breaking my marriage and all but she then texted my husband acting super sad. The phone of my husband was in my hand so i replied asking her what happened on my husband phone with the intention to let her that i got her message. My husband got home at that time and when he saw that i replied her he got angry. There were a nasty fight and he left home the next day. Yesterday he called me and said that he has never had an affair with that woman and it was only friendship and i misunderstood all.. that i need to apologise.
I told him that i don't need to say sorry to anyone because its her who has break my home, so they are the one who should apologise.
What am confused about is that few weeks back ii could not leave him, but now i don't feel anything. Emotions, Love, Angry.. Nothing.
I don't even cry.. Is something wrong with me?
Do i feel broken? i don't know.
sorry for the long post
This is a really tough situation.  HIs reactions are that of someone doing the wrong thing.  He knows it's wrong.  Maybe he hadn't had sex with the woman but this -- friend--  is too close and attached and it got in the way of the two of you.  Why does he have a special female friend that you don't know?  Unacceptable.  You are cold about him and feeling nothing because you are hurt and deep down you are starting to fully understand that he is not on the up and up.  I'm so sorry.  It hurts.  But I think that you deserve someone who adores you and would never allow any woman or person in general to get in the position of keeping secrets from you and feeling like they matter more.

And you won't apologize to the other woman over my dead body.  LOL  No way.  But your boyfriend is actually the person to be mad at.  HE allowed this to go on.  She doesn't have any skin in the game/ or a commitment to you.  He does.  And he treated you very poorly here.  Whether he had an affair or not, something went on that shouldn't have and you own them ZERO of an apology.

hugs, this is a hard thing.  
thank you.
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