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Why ex gf contact me after a month of no contact?

We were together 3 years. She broke up with me because I took her for granted and got complacent in the last half year. I was selfish and she had had enough.

I begged and pleaded but then went hardcore No contact. A month later..

She texted me last night “Hey. I wanted to apologize to you and any ill feelings you might have towards me. I should have given you more of a chance to talk and I’m sorry. I hope you have a good senior year and you make the best of It”

I responded just now a day later “Hey, thanks for reaching out. There are no ill feelings because I know I did some hurtful things too. I need to apologize as well because I know I was not the best partner and I now recognize where I failed. I did not mean to hurt you in the ways that I did. Hope everything is going good.”

Was this a good response if I want her to continue to think about me in hopes of reconciliation? I felt it was mature and selfless. But I can also see how it relieved her dumpers guilt and could help her move on more. She has not replied and it’s been two days. Do you see her ever reaching out again?
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Hi! It was very nice of your ex to reach out to you. It seems like she MAY be open to a reconciliation given that she said " I should have given you more of a chance to talk and I’m sorry"...maybe she means you could talk about it now?>

How about suggesting meeting up for a coffee or something so you could both talk?

and yes, your response shows that you are alright with her reaching out too.

All the best!
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What I really like is how you are looking within and learning from this.  That is terrific.  Time will tell if she decides to give this another chance but either way, you've learned a very VERY valuable lesson to keep with you for a lifetime.  I don't think it is bad if you text her in a few days asking if she wants to get a coffee, coke, or whatever in a casual way to talk.  You'll know from that if she was just being nice or if she has any interest in reconnecting.  good luck and please let us know what happens!
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