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is it fake divorce

hi my last few days was terrible, i drunk from about five weeks a huge amount of alcohol the bad part is i took only after one day of stop drinking a remeron ( an antidepressant drug ) , then i divorced my wife next day morning please some one tell me is there any link between the combination ( alcohol + remeron) and my decisions i mean is there any chance that i wouldn't divorce my wife if i never drink and took the remeon. to be more clear i stop only for one day then at the same day evening i took remeron and i divorced my wife next day morning.
i want to know the truth is it fake divorce or not.
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Well it's all about how you really feel.  The alcohol and meds can affect your judgment.  I can't say for sure if you would have divorced your wife if you were sober or not but chances are you would have made a clear decision that way.  The best thing for you would be to get some counseling to help keep you away for the alcohol.  Good luck.
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A divorce doesn't happen in a day - what actually happened they day you say you you divorced your wife?  You told her you wanted to divorce?  You went to see a lawyer, or had divorce papers presented to her?  Until they day the legal process is complete (and I don't know where you live, so what the process is there or how long it takes) then you are not divorced, and you can stop that process at any time.

Do you WANT to divorce your wife?  Does she want to be divorced from you?

jrobertson is right - the alcohol and meds will affect your judgement.  However, anything you do under the influence of drugs and alcohol, you are still responsible for, so you can't avoid or undo any legal step you've taken just because you were under the influence at the time.

Decide what you really want.  Find out what your wife really wants.  Deal with your drinking problem.  Actually, probably best to deal with the drinking problem BEFORE you finally decide what you really want!
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My wife left me TODAY I'm devastated.. I'm the one who gets drunk.and takes pills, all sorts of them, though lately I have been up and down straighten up fall straighten up fall etc..... she is pretty straight edge so this isn't really an answer to your question however as drunk.and high as I have been/stayed/ never once filed for divorce ... I never even called my wife a b:$:@!ch until today when she drove off .. I gotta clean up.. I love her so much but I do feel she acted irrational and was more than likely influenced by her mom (hoosux)leading her to a drastic life altering decision... I always said I'd kill myself if she left ... so I put what little ammo I own in her luggage a long with every cat we've accumulated over time... I was a very lucky man to have been her husband for these last <2years
Gosh, I'm sorry that this just happened.  Come back and talk about it with us.  Addiction is a difficult thing.  Anyway, come back and let us know how you are doing!
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